Days Of Our Lives: Spoilers For Spring 2019

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As winter turns into spring, many regions will experience warmer temperatures, causing a ton of snow to melt. As birds begin to chirp, and flowers bloom, the forecast in Salem shows a little bit of sunshine, more scheming, and plenty of drama! Learn more about what will come to be in the next few months by checking out the Days of Our Lives (DOOL) crazy and surprising spring 2019 spoilers.

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12. Cin Thrown Closer Together

Yes, they are broken up right now, but how long will this last? DOOL spring 2019 spoilers tease some close moments for Ben and Ciara in the next couple of weeks. As spring turns into summer, don’t be surprised if these two will be back to their super couple status.

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11. Haley & Tripp Getting Hitched

Days spoilers reveal that while Claire will try to stop things, Tripp and Haley’s wedding will go off as planned. But, with an unexpected guest set to arrive during the big day, will this marriage succeed in what it has been set out to do, or will Haley be packing up to leave Salem in the long run?

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10. Claire’s Exit Storyline

Actress Olivia Rose Keegan is set to exit the soap opera soon, and with the way DOOL pre-tapes their shows months ahead of time, all arrows indicate that this could be happening sometime in the summer. Having said that, Claire may be gearing up with an exit storyline that sees her head to jail. Between all the scheming she’s been doing with Eve, not to mention J.J. raising an eyebrow about that lighter in her jewelry box, she may land in legal trouble as she heads out of Salem.

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9. Eve & Claire Get A Little Closer

DOOL spoilers hint that Claire will share something very shocking with Eve, so there is a good chance that she’ll divulge her role in the cabin fire to Donovan. Which is fine, but fans know that Eve cannot be trusted. Will Eve be the reason that Claire leaves Salem for good?

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8. Jack’s Memory

DOOL spoilers are teasing that Jack is set to start remembering more of his past in the coming weeks, as spring continues to unfold. Does that mean fans can expect a J&J reunion on the horizon? It’s been a hard watch for many, having to see him canoodle with Eve as of late. Here’s hoping he heads into the summer with some full-fledged memories of Jenn and their past in Salem.

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7. Baby David Custody

Rafe brought Jordan’s baby to Salem this week, and it seems as if everyone is growing attached to the little one. Lani has grown to have an interesting bond with child, and Rafe has made connections too. DOOL spoilers indicate that Rafe will tell Hope that he wants to care for the child, but will Lani stand in his way?

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6. Lani Obsessed

Eli is concerned with Lani’s feeling for Baby David, considering he bears the same name as their deceased son, and all she went through to move past his death. DOOL spoilers indicate that while Ben may not want custody of the child, but he will want to spend time with him. Oddly, Lani will create a wedge between the two in coming weeks.

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5. Nicole Returns

It’s been teased for a long while and now official air dates have finally popped up for actress Arianne Zucker! Nicole Walker is returning to the land of Salem come Thursday, April 25th. With all that is going on with her daughter, Eric, and Sarah, it seems as if Nicole has picked the perfect time for a comeback. But, will she come back as a ghost, or will Walker be alive?

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4. Robin Strasser Joins The Cast?

One Life to Live (OLTL) fans will remember actress Robin Strasser, who portrayed Dorian Lord on the show, but could she be headed to Salem? She recently tweeted a photo of getting her hair and makeup did on the DOOL set, which means fans could see her in the spring or summer of this year.

3. Vivian Alamain Returns!

Could Robin Strasser be recast into the Vivian Alamain role? She’d be pretty amazing at it! DOOL spoilers seem to be speculating that she could come back as Vivian. They also reveal that a schemer will return to wreak havoc in the little town. We all know that Vivian truly is not dead, so she could easily come back to cause some chaos for the residents of Salem.

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2. Saying Goodbye

On a bittersweet note, DOOL spoilers indicate that the little town will come together as spring is in full swing to say goodbye to pillar within the community and beloved family member, Caroline Brady. Days will take the opportunity to honor both Caroline and late actress Peggy McCay for her incredible contribution to the show on an episode that is promised to be aired in the springtime.

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1. Family Comes Back

Ensure you are stocked with tissues for the show, as the Caroline Brady/Peggy McCay tribute episode is expected to be an emotional one. In fact, there is a slew of characters returning for this, including Sami Brady DiMera (actress Alison Sweeney), her sister Carrie Reed (played by actress Christie Clark), as well as Shawn-Douglas Brady (actor Brandon Beemer), and his wife Belle (played by Martha Madison).

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