Days Of Our Lives: Plotline Predictions For December 2020

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Say goodbye to November, and hello to December! As Salem becomes a flurry of holiday activity, Days of Our Lives (DOOL) fans can’t help but speculate on what will happen next! Will Chloe’s return affect Philip in any way? Will fans find out what Gwen is really up to? Will Steve and Kayla learn about Ava? As such, below are some DOOL plotline predictions for December 2020.

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12. Sarah Keeps Philip Away From Chloe

Sarah and Xander are set to break up soon. This is probably in hopes to ramp up their plotting and find out what Philip is up to. They’ll “fake” a breakup so that Sarah can “fake” a hookup with Philip. With that said, Chloe Lane is also set to return to the town in early December. Thanks to a Days preview video, seems like Sarah will have her claws dug into Kiriakis before Chloe even has a chance. But that doesn’t mean fans won’t see some chemistry and sparks between Chloe and Philip.

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11. Chloe Realizes What’s Up

Chloe will see Philip and realize she has feelings for him when she returns. He may want to be with her, but his new relationship with Sarah will have him distracted. This could leave Chloe yearning for Philip. Could she stumble upon Xander and Sarah secretly canoodling and realize what they are up to? She may try and warn Philip, but will he listen?

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10. Kristen’s Out For Christmas?

DOOL’s preview video shows Kristen DiMera at the Kiriakis mansion during Christmas. She’ll get to celebrate with the entire clan, including Rachel and Brady. Is this a dream or will it happen? What miracle could have Kristen released? Does Eli or Abe try to pull some strings so that Lani eases up on the both of them before the holidays hit? Could Ava hold some information that could release DiMera?

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9. Lani Delivers

Whether Lani can forgive Eli or not, those twins are coming in December, and there may be trouble for the babies and parents. The DOOL preview video teases that Lani will have to stay strong. Eli will be in the delivery room; however, this doesn’t mean that Lani has forgiven him for his role in getting Kristen imprisoned. With that said, what could go wrong in the delivery room?

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8. Complications With One Or Both Babies

Several things could go wrong while Lani is giving birth. The real question is, will both babies be okay in the aftermath? What if one passes away and the other struggles with their life? What if one is okay, and the other one has complications? What if a situation arises where they have to choose between the two (for a blood transfusion or something along those lines). Then, there’s the chance that both babies are in a dire circumstance!

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7. Elani Comes Together

Elani has already suffered one child loss. Both parents will do all they can to ensure both babies come home, healthy, and happy. Could this complication bring Elani together? If Kristen is home for the holidays (or for good), this could soften up Lani to turn to Eli. They’ll need each other for support.

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6. Joey Is Freed!

Speaking of being released from prison, DOOL spoilers suggest that Joey Johnson will spring from jail soon. Is this because Ava turns out to be alive, or because of something else? There’s a good chance he gets released early because of good behavior or is simply released for the holidays. If Joey is released because Ava is alive, Ava would have to head to prison. Unless there’s a plot twist.

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5. A Deal Is Made

What if Ava tries to make a deal with Steve and Kayla? Joey’s freedom for hers? Then there’s also a chance Ava has a secret or is hiding from someone dangerous that could come after her and Steve, including Joey, Tripp, and Kayla. There are some scenes in the DOOL preview video that show Ava hanging out at the Johnson household. Do they all bunker down to remain safe?

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4. The Truth About Allie’s Assault

Could whatever Ava’s hiding be linked to another child? Could the reason they are all bunkering down is because this child, which was unknowingly abandoned by Steve, has grown up to become a powerful person, seeking to get back at his parents and siblings for the broken-up childhood he endured? Fans know that Tripp is not Henry’s father, and audiences also have a good feeling that he did not assault Allie.

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3. Will Comes Back

DOOL previews show that Will Horton will return to Salem around the holidays. No Sonny, but Horton will be there! Sounds like there’s a good chance he’s bringing Ari to visit Gabi for Christmas. Sonny may be too tied up in work for the trip. It also seems as if this might be a short return for Will, but it’s hard to say.

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2. Sami Comes Home, Broken-Hearted

Sami is also on her way home to Salem, but there’s a good chance this will happen near the end of the month. She’ll have a long-term and “emotional” storyline, so what could this be all about? Perhaps E.J. recovers and decides to leave Sami for good, and her kids side with their dad. With all the Hallmark Christmas specials actress Alison Sweeney has done, could Sami return “home” to realize what family is all about? Could Rafe be waiting in the wings?

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1. Gwen’s Motives Are Revealed

Tony and Anna DiMera are set for a comeback in December, and they’ll have news for Chabby about Gwen. Somehow, the two have past dealings with Chad and Abby’s new nanny, and they’ll let the super couple know that Gwen isn’t as nice as she seems. What’s the connection? Tony has a British accent, much like Gwen. Could Gwen’s mom be someone who was infatuated with Tony (and worked for Anna), and Gwen’s actions are really about snagging a DiMera (in Chad) to avenge something from her mom’s past?

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