Days Of Our Lives: Plotline Predictions For September 2020

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So much going on in the land of Salem this September! From character returns to exits, romance, and adventure, Days of Our Lives (DOOL) is sure to be buzzing with drama! Will Hope and Ben find Ciara? Will John be okay? What will happen with Allie and her baby’s custody? It’s hard not to speculate! As such, below are some DOOL plotline predictions for September 2020.

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13. Ben Doesn’t Get To Ciara In Time

It seems as if the search for Ciara is on! Ben, Hope, and even Shawn will be desperate to find her, and with Ben being brainwashed, he’ll fight that much harder to rescue her. He’ll feel completely responsible for what has happened; however, just as he gets closer to finding her, she’ll slip through his fingers at the last moment.

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12. Vincent Takes Ciara Away, Building Explodes

Vincent will be behind Ciara’s kidnapping. Ben will be very close to searching her out he’ll know her exact location. Once he rushes to the building to rescue her, the location she is at will explode. It’ll seem as if she and Vincent have passed on as no bodies will be found, which will allow for Ciara’s exit (actress Victoria Konefal is leaving the show), and open up a door for a potential return in the future.

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11. Hope Leaves Town Devastated

With Ciara gone, Hope will be devastated. Not only has she lost Bo, and Rafe has left town, Ciara’s passing will affect her immensely. So much so, she will leave Salem, with little information on where she is headed. This will allow for Hope’s exit (actress Kristian Alfonso is also leaving the show), but she too will have a door open for a return.

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10. Claire Helps To Console Ben?

Ben will feel lost without Ciara. He’ll have Marlena to lean on, and Jake will offer up some support; however, without any real family in town, Ben will spiral. Thankfully, he’ll have Claire to lean on. The two will establish a special friendship in September, as Ciara had forgiven Claire for what happened in the past, and Brady also did all she could to help bring Eve down. The two won’t jump into a relationship, but September will open a new chapter for Ben and Claire.

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9. Allie Returns, Keeps Her Baby

The custody hearing between Eric, Nicole, and Sami will plug on in early September. While Nicole and Eric have an advantage, the hearing will bring out the ugliness in all players involved. Sami will be awarded custody; however, Allie will return to town before Sami can take on the responsibility of raising her son.

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8. The Hearing Will Take A Toll

The custody hearing will take a toll on Eric and Nicole. Walker’s past may be brought up (multiple times), and with Eric lying to cover for his wife recently, he may end up feeling like Nicole, and being married to her, has truly changed him for the worse. A hidden secret from Nicole’s past may also pop up, one that Eric was not aware of. Regardless, actor Greg Vaughan is set to leave Days as well, so he and Nicole breaking up could be the reason he exits and leaves town for good.

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7. Tripp Has A Secret

Actor Lucas Adams will reprise his Tripp Johnson role this month, and he’ll pop in on Kayla and Steve to announce his return. But why is Tripp back in Salem? Wouldn’t it be interesting if Johnson ended up being the father of Allie’s baby? If he’s not … could these two find love if they “bump” into each other in town?

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6. John’s Recovery

John will struggle in the hospital until early September. He’ll recover slowly, but perhaps what has happened to him will trigger memories of the past that he can’t explain. John Black still has a lot of hidden secrets from his mysterious years away from Salem, and September will be the start of yet another storyline around a patch of his missing life that he must unravel. It’ll place a strain on Jarlena either way.

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5. Brady and Kristen

DOOL spoilers reveal that Kristen and Brady will have a fight when they return to Salem in early September. It seems as if Brady had wanted Kristen to stay put while he checks in on his ailing dad; however, she will have other ideas. Will she get caught by the police? Added teasers seem to be hinting this, which will place a tremendous strain on the couple. But another couple will also get involved, and as such, be on shaky ground.

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4. The Elani Factor

The bond between Lani and Kristen is strong, and DOOL spoilers hint that Lani will help cover for DiMera in early September. Eli won’t be too pleased to hear this. Could Kristen’s friendship with Lani, and Lani’s need to protect her BFF, come between her relationship with her new husband?

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3. Philip Wins CEO Spot

Philip will win the Titan CEO spot. Seems as if Victor will do something where he won’t have to choose between Xandy and his son; rather, they’ll have to prove which one of them is more worthy of the coveted role. Philip will cheat in the competition, and snag the title. Days fans should also expect to see some tension between Philip and Shelle in the coming month.

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2. Abigail’s Return

Abigail is set to return to the land of Salem, as actress Marci Miller will reprise the role very soon. Gwen seems to like living in the DiMera mansion, and while she was focused on Jake, she may shift her focus to Chad. She’ll befriend Abby; however, Abigail should keep a good eye on Gwen, she’ll be up to no good.

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1. Four-Way Love Square Emerges

With Gabi out of the picture, and Gwen in the mansion, will a four-way love square emerge within the DiMera mansion? How will Abby react when she sees Jake? She disliked Stefan, but Jake is nothing like his twin brother. Could there be chemistry between Jake and Abby … as well as Chad and Gwen?

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