Days Of Our Lives: Plotline Predictions For Spring 2020

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Spring has sprung in the land of Salem! With the winter behind us all, time to speculate on what could unravel in the coming weeks and months ahead! Will Stefano get caught? What will happen with Ben and Ciara? Will Evan get what is coming to him? Below are some Days of Our Lives (DOOL) plotline predictions for the spring of 2020.

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13. Cin Reunion

As per DOOL spoilers, the charges against Ben are set to be dropped very soon, and he will finally be released from prison! Fans should gear up for some steamy scenes between these two, as they finally get the reunion viewers have all been waiting for! But, is that all for this super couple come the springtime? Probably not.

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12. Ben Proposes

Being in prison so long can really put things in perspective! While Ben and Ciara will likely celebrate his freedom for the next couple weeks, it probably won’t be that long before he gets down on one knee and proposes to her. Being locked away, he won’t want to waste any more time.

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11. Evan Is Charged

Evan will likely be charged, as he was behind Jordan’s demise; however, it seems like he may set up a case where the entire thing was an “accident.” DOOL spoilers suggest that Orpheus will hire a lawyer that will poke holes in the case, and there is a good chance that Evan could have his charges dropped. Although in real life, wouldn’t Evan (at least) get penalized for sending another man to jail, and lying about it all this time? With that said, this isn’t “real life,” it’s Salem life!

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10. Evan Gets Custody Of David

When all is said and done, this is a soap opera, and if Evan’s charges are dropped, he will undoubtedly file for full custody of David. After all, he never signed over his rights to Rafe, only Jordan did. If this happens, Evan will most likely get custody of the young boy, and Rafe will be devastated.

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9. Nicole Will Try & Fail … At First

Nicole’s spidey-senses are tingling right now, and she knows something is up with Mickey. She has a huge suspicion that the baby is actually Brady and Kristen’s, and she is right. DOOL spoilers state that she’ll push to get a DNA test in early spring, and Xander will tamper with it. Despite her failed efforts, Nicole will continue to stir this pot as the spring progresses.

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8. Baby Swap Secret Comes Out

The baby swap secret will eventually come out, but it may take weeks or months to out Xander and Victor as the culprits behind it all. Perhaps Nicole is finally able to nail them by the time May or early June rolls around. How will she do it? She will get both Brady and Kristen on board with it. Kristen already has a feeling her baby is still alive.

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7. Eric And Sarah Reunite

As Nicole hasn’t exactly come clean with Eric around her suspicions, he will feel betrayed that she thought or “knew” what was going on without keeping him in the loop. When Sarah finds out about what Xander has done, he’ll be dropped like a bad habit. This will open up a door for Eric and Sarah to come back together. Not only mourning the loss of their baby but also reunite over the betrayal.

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6. Stefan’s Return

Seems like Stefan’s return is imminent. DOOL spoilers indicate that Gabi will start to mourn her hubby’s passing early on in the spring and begin dreaming about him – even thinking that she sees him in Salem at one point. It seems like she’ll embark on a new journey, and potentially believe he is alive. This will most likely lead to a Stefan comeback storyline by late spring. But, where has he been?

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5. Stefano Goes Into Hiding

Stefano will most likely be behind Stefan being alive, and Dr. Rolf will probably be involved (with Vivian as well). But, before all that comes out, which may not be until summer, Stefano will most likely go into hiding. Sure, he’s got Marlena wrapped around his finger, and Chad doing his dirty work, but it’s only a matter of time before the truth comes out, and Stefano goes on the run.

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4. Chad Turns On Abby

The key to bringing down Stefano is Chabby. Abby will start to raise an eyebrow around her husband’s odd behavior, which may place her in a dire circumstance, but chances are, she’ll figure out what Stefano has done before anyone gets hurt. Marlena may not be as brainwashed as Stefano thinks, and she may also help move things along.

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3. Steve Emerges

When all this is said and done, Chabby and Jarlena will reunite; however, there’s also a good chance that the old Steve Johnson will return, too. Stefano will figure out how to place himself in another host body, and escape Salem when backed up into a corner. With Steve emerging and (officially) returning, the coupling of Justin and Kayla will be in jeopardy.

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2. Steve Turns To Hope

Steve will feel so very lost when he first returns to Salem. On a good note, he’ll find out his brother Jack is alive, but finding out Adrienne has passed on will leave him broken. Not to mention the fact that Kayla has clearly moved on with Justin. He may turn to Hope; after all, she knows what it feels like to have someone invade her body, and do terrible things. She also knows what it is like to have a gap of time missing from her memory.

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1. Questions Remain About Stefano Being Alive

If Stefano being in Steve’s body has taught DOOL fans anything it is that DiMera will never truly be gone from Salem storylines. Stefano will flee; however, there will be no doubt in anyone’s mind that he is still alive and simply has gone into hiding. Whose face will DiMera hide behind the next time he returns?

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