Days Of Our Lives Plotline Predictions For The Next Two Weeks (August 31 – September 11, 2020)

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As August turns into September it’s hard for Days of Our Lives (DOOL) fans to refrain from speculating on storylines! Will John be okay? Who will win custody over Allie’s baby? Will Sami continue to annoy her family with her antics? Will Ciara be found? As such, below are some major DOOL plotline predictions for August 31 to September 11, 2020.

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12. Who Is Behind Abigail’s Drugging?

It’s a question many DOOL fans have forgotten about; however, with Abigail DiMera set to return this coming week, it’s bound to resurface. Some answers will prevail and soon, so what if Gwen or Jake were involved in Abby’s drugging? Perhaps their ties to the mob may also be part of this answer?

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11. Jake Tries To Move On

Regardless, now that Gabi has skipped town, Jake will try and move forward with his life. He’s done with Gwen (even though she may not be done with him). With Abigail back in the DiMera mansion, will sparks fly between these two? It’ll be weird for Abby to see Jake, especially with everything that went down between her and Stefan.

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10. Jan Spears Is Sami’s Witness

DOOL spoilers relay that Jan Spears will be back in Salem this week, and with Sami set to unleash an unexpected witness that’ll not only discredit Nicole, but also cause some strife within her family, it’s not hard to assume that Jan may be the person she brings back to the little town for the court hearing.

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9. Wedge Built Between Belle and Sami

Jan was pretty obsessed with Shawn back in the day, so Sami bringing her back for this custody hearing will set Belle through the roof. Between Spear’s return, and Philip’s comeback, will fans see a wedge placed between Shelle? Regardless, there is sure to be a wedged placed between Sami and Belle!

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8. Philip Still Hung Up On Belle

Speaking of, while their paths have not crossed yet, seems as if when they do see each other, Philip may still be hung up on Belle. This is unfortunate on so many different levels, but it is what it is! Could Philip try (once again) to get between Shawn and Belle? He always fails to do so, yet never gives up trying!

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7. Philip and Jan

It’s hard to say if Jan Spears will be in Salem short or long-term. Could she and Philip team up to try and rip Shelle apart? Will Jan still have lingering feelings for Shawn? Seems like there is a good chance they may realize that they could accomplish this goal with a little collaborative scheming and plotting.

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6. Who Will Win Custody Of Allie’s Baby?

It’s hard not to flip back and forth on who will get custody of Allie’s baby. Sami will not stop until she gets what she wants; however, Nicole and Eric do have the upper hand, with Allie’s letter as evidence. What if neither of them gains custody and the baby’s father surfaces?

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5. Tripp Is Looking For Allie

Tripp Johnson will be back in town this week and according to DOOL spoilers, he’ll relay the reason for his return to dad Steve the week of September 7th. What if he’s come back to find Allie? What if he is Allie’s baby daddy? What if he’s returned to get his son back?

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4. Kristen Is Jailed

DOOL spoilers imply that both Kristen and Brady will return this week too, as Brady looks to check in on his dad John, and Kristen will follow suit. Seems as if Brady had advised Kristen to stay behind, and she’ll simply not listen, and come to the little town anyway. What if Kristen is found in Salem and arrested?

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3. Lani Needs To Make A Choice

Lani will help out BFF Kristen this week, which won’t make Eli so happy when he finds out. DOOL spoilers indicate that Lani will have to choose in the coming weeks. She loves Eli, and she’s carrying his twins; she also loves her job; however, the soft spot she has for Kristen is a big one, and DiMera’s need to be with Rachel may have Lani making a poor decision.

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2. John’s Condition

DOOL spoilers for the week of September 7th tease that John won’t be back to “normal” when he wakes up. Does this mean he’s okay but has suffered from amnesia? Perhaps when he does come to, he’s living in the past, another era or patch in his life before he became John Black in Salem?

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1. Ciara’s Fate

DOOL spoilers relay that Hope will be very determined to bring Ciara back, and without knowing where she is, she’ll do everything she can to accomplish this goal. With actress Victoria Konefal ready to leave the soap, it’s hard not to think that he could be Ciara’s exit story. That said, there’s also a chance the character is recast, so Ciara might very well be okay. With Hope on a mission, no one can stop her, so she might be the one to rescue her daughter in the end, with Ben and Shawn’s help, of course!

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