11 Shady Female Celebs Caught in Cheating Scandals!

There is something odd about relationships in Hollywood. They just don’t seem to stick! Celebrities are usually quick to get married but they’re also quick to cheat – and it isn’t only male celebrities who do it! We’ve created a list of 11 shady female celebrities who have been accused of cheating!

11. LeAnn Rimes

LeAnn Rimes cheated on her husband Dean Sheremet with Eddie Cibrian who was also married, with two children, at the time. The two met on the set of the Lifetime movie “Northern Lights” where they supposedly began their relationship. Rumor has it that, after filming ended, the two continued their illicit relationship. Both parties ended up leaving their respective spouses and marrying each other in 2011.

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10. Bijou Phillips

Bijou Phillips’ relationship with Sean Lennon ended because she was caught having an affair with his childhood best friend Max LeRoy. LeRoy died shortly afterwards in a motorcycle accident, so he and Lennon were never able to reconcile. Some of the songs on Friendly Fire detail the infidelity and the singer’s subsequent break up with Phillips.

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9. Meg Ryan

In 2000, Meg Ryan – America’s sweetheart – began a relationship with Russell Crowe while she was married to Dennis Quaid! Ryan and Quaid ended up divorcing and the actress’ relationship with Crowe only lasted a few months. A couple of years after the fact, Meg revealed that her ex-husband had cheated on her throughout their marriage as well.

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8. Kristen Stewart

The paparazzi caught Kristen Stewart cheating on Robert Pattinson with Rupert Saunders, her married director from the film “Snow White and the Huntsman.” The actress publicly admitted to cheating on her boyfriend after incriminating photos were published in Us Weekly and, while the two were able to reconcile after the incident, they ended up calling it quits after all.

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7. Melanie Griffith

Melanie Griffith and Antonio Banderas were both married to other people when they met and began a relationship on the set of “Too Much” back in 1995. Although Griffith and Banderas are still together, there have been rumors that the actor is cheating on his longtime love!

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6. Madonna

Madonna allegedly cheated on Guy Ritchie with baseball player Alex Rodriguez, who was married at the time. Both parties denied the affair to their spouses, but Madonna ended up filing for divorce and so did Rodriguez’s wife, who, sources say, claimed that Madonna was definitely the reason behind her decision to split from the baseball star!

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5. Paris Hilton

According to Paris Hilton’s ex boyfriend, Nick Carter, the reality star cheated on him with Chad Michael Murray – who was married at the time to Sophia Bush! To get back at her, the former Backstreet Boy cheated on the heiress with Ashlee Simpson! Hilton has always denied the cheating allegations, but Sophia filed for divorce from Murray shortly after the rumors surfaced.

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4. Tori Spelling

When Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott hooked up, she was married to Charlie Shanian and McDermott was married to Mary Jo Eustace. The two cheaters met on the set of the TV movie “Mind Over Murder” and, after filming wrapped, they dumped their respective partners and began a public relationship. Rumor has it that McDermott recently cheated on Spelling with a mystery woman – but those rumors have yet to be confirmed.

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3. Anne Heche

Anne Heche has reportedly cheated on a couple of her partners! Back in 2000, when she was dating Ellen DeGeneres, she allegedly cheated on her with cameraman Coley Laffoon and then, sources say, she turned around and cheated on him with her “Men in Trees” co-star James Tupper! Heche and her current beau – who have a child together – are still going strong.

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2. Britney Spears

Britney Spears allegedly cheated on Justin Timberlake with choreographer Wade Robson. Although neither party has confirmed the infidelity, Timberlake’s video for the song “Cry Me a River” seems to solidify that there was some merit to the story. According to Spears’ ex, Jason Alexander, she used to cheat on Timberlake with him as well.

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1. Heidi Klum

According to Seal, his marriage with Heidi Klum broke down because she was having an affair with the family’s bodyguard! “Whilst I didn’t expect anything better from him, I would of thought that Heidi would have shown a little more class and at least waited until we separated first before deciding to fornicate with the help,” he said in an interview following their separation. Ouch – that’s gotta hurt!

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