12 Weirdest Celebrity Endorsements

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Fans are used to seeing celebrities endorsing hip clothing lines and seductive fragrances, luxury cars and popular restaurants. But companies of every kind tempt the stars with fatty paychecks in return for fronting their pricey campaigns and representing any sort of product you can imagine. And the bigger the star, the more the companies are willing to pay and the harder it must be for stars to turn them down. From Brad Pitt to Kim Kardashian, you won’t believe what these celebrities are willing to endorse. Here are 12 of the weirdest celebrity endorsements.

12. Paris Hilton and Hardee’s / Carl’s Jr.

There is a chance that you never saw the 2005 Hardee’s/Carl’s Jr. commercial that Paris Hilton starred in and there’s a very good reason for that. The ad for the burger chain that the heiress and socialite starred in was deemed too riské for American audiences. The commercial featured the young Hilton in a barely-there swimsuit lathering up a slick black Bentley…while eating a burger suggestively. Because of course, that’s a totally plausible situation for a super-rich pseudo-celebrity.

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11. Penelope Cruz and Nintendo DS

When you think of Penelope Cruz perhaps you immediately think of her sultry eyes or her sultry accent or her sultry acting or her sultry gaming. Wait…gaming…huh?! For whatever reason, in 2012 Penelope Cruz along with her lookalike sister Monica appeared in an advertisement for the new Super Mario Bros game from Nintendo DS. The two sisters battle it out gaming-style and when Penelope loses, she has to dress up like the videogame’s main character, getting done up in the full overalls, hat, and of course, mustache. It’s weird, it’s quirky, but it’s Penelope Cruz, so she can do whatever she wants, even this completely weird and random endorsement.


10. Alessandra Ambrosio and Always Maxi Pads

Fans are used to seeing Victoria’s Secret Angel Alessandra Ambrosio decked out in the sexiest lingerie adorned with lace, silk, and even jewels. But Alessandra started flaunting a new kind of wings when was hired as the face of Always maxi pads (get it?! angel wings…maxi pad wings…bahaha!). Or maybe she just really believes in the product. Or maybe she is being paid really, really well. How plump is the paycheck to get an angel to pimp your period pads?


9. Brad Pitt and Chanel No. 5

“The world turns, and we turn with it.” We sure do, Brad. But what the heck does that have to do with a classic fragrance like Chanel No. 5? Granted, we could get all deep and philosophical along with Brad Pitt in his uber-suave and melodramatically serious Chanel ad, but perhaps we should just enjoy the pretty smell being endorsed by the pretty man.


8. Jessica Simpson and Dessert Beauty Edible Cosmetics

When someone says you look good enough to eat, they’re probably not suggesting you start mowing down on your make-up. Jessica Simpson was apparently unaware of that seemingly obvious fact when she became the face of Dessert Beauty Edible Cosmetics. The line, which featured make-up and body lotions never really took off, possibly in part due to the fact that they went ahead with the slogan, “Sexy girls have dessert” (damn, right! Another banana split, please!) and product names like Whipped Body Cream With Candy Sprinkles (“slather it on yourself or a friend to be completely smoochable and delectable. The sprinkles? Well, they’re just for fun! Just decorate and dig in.” No, thanks.). The company folded after series of lawsuits, which is probably best because seriously, get yourself a snack and leave the lipstick on your lips.

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7. Marc Jacobs and Diet Coke

When you think of Marc Jacobs, undoubtedly you think of high fashion and the hottest street wear. But don’t you also think of Diet Coke? No, no one else does either. Despite that little fact, Marc Jacobs was hired as Diet Coke’s creative director and one of his first acts in the role was to appear in a series of ads where he enjoyed a cool can while completely shirtless. Totally the usual and expected image of a world-renowned fashion designer.


6. Shannen Doherty and Education Connection

The stars of the original Beverly Hills 90210 spent a fair share of their time in high-school and some of the show’s crew went on to further scholarly pursuits. In real life, Shannen Doherty who played 90210’s Brenda Walsh, moved on to endorse Education Connection. In the ads, she claims it was super easy to get her degree online so of course so should you. No offence to her, but she’s not exactly the poster-woman for learned living. Take educational advice from Shannen Doherty at your own risk.


5. Sofia Coppola and Cans of Wine

The Coppola family are practically Hollywood royalty and you can pretend you’re part of the elite by enjoying a taste of sparkling wine from the Francis Ford Coppola Winery. Might we suggest the Sofia Blanc de Blancs lovingly named for the famous director’s famous director daughter (yes, you read that right). But if you’re not in the mood for an entire bottle, are doing your drinking solo, or are on the go, you can try a Sofia Mini. The same signature wine but packaged in a small aluminum can just like you would get with a soda. This fancy can, however, comes with scripted writing and a little straw to enjoy your canned alcoholic beverage. Classy? Dunno about that.

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4. Ozzy Osbourne and I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter

Ozzy Osbourne has firmly established a reputation throughout the years as a hard-living metal god. His reality television stint along with his now-famous family gave the world a peek into the dark musician’s personal life, but it’s didn’t do anything to knock off his metal image. This is why the choice by ad-makers and Ozzy himself to cast him in the role of fake-butter endorser seems strange to say the least. Ozzy starred in ads for I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter if you can believe that.


3. Kris Jenner and Poise Bladder Leak Pads

Kris Jenner: reality television matriarch, supreme socialite, style icon…and pants-peer? Whether it was the exposure, the pay, or a pee-prompted personal need, the famous Kardashian Jenner mom signed on to endorse Poise bladder leak pads. If you gotta go, you gotta go, but does everyone need to know that Kris is going in her bladder leak pads? Not really. Not at all.

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2. Rihanna and Budweiser Beer

Rihanna equals yummy champagne drizzling from the sky like a waterfall’s mist, amirite? But the singer decided to get her beer on instead by signing a massive deal with Budweiser. The campaign was contracted to include television commercials, limited-edition packing for the beer, and sponsorships at Rihanna’s concerts among other terms and perks. In total, the overall campaign was to reach more than 85 countries around the world and countless (now beer lovin’?) fans of the mighty Ms. RiRi.


1. Kim Kardashian and Charmin Toilet Paper

Kim Kardashian is just as willing as mommy-dearest to endorse products that other celebrities might balk at. An example of that would be Kim’s 2010 appearance at an opening of a new Charmin Toilets in New York City. The star stood smiling, with the two Charmin bears flanking her on either side, as the toilet-paper based celebrations unrolled awkwardly around her.

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