18 Popular Celebrities Who Guest Starred on “Sex and the City!”

“Sex and the City” is one of the most celebrated shows if its time. The TV show transitioned to the big screen for two movies and was the foundation for a prequel TV series called “The Carrie Diaries.” Over the course of six seasons, a number of celebrities guest starred on the show – and some of them ended up being big names in Hollywood. Here is a list of 18 celebrities who guest starred on “Sex and the City!”

18. Elizabeth Banks

Elizabeth Banks – best known for her role as Effie Trinket in “The Hunger Games” series – guest starred in the episode “Politically Erect.” She plays Catherine, the wife of a man who Charlotte hits on.

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17. Tatum O’Neal

Oscar-winner Tatum O’Neal guest starred in the episode “A Woman’s Right to Shoes.” O’Neal plays Carrie’s old friend Kyra who invites the writer over for a baby shower. Carrie is forced to take off her shoes and during the evening they are stolen, creating some awkwardness between the old friends as Kyra refuses to replace them.

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16. David Duchovny

David Duchovny – star of the hit series “Californication” – was in the episode “Boy Interrupted.” He played Carrie Bradshaw’s high school sweetheart who is undergoing intensive mental therapy at a facility in New York. The two end up hitting it off, but break it off when Carrie finds out he will be staying at the facility for several more months.

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15. Lucy Liu

Lucy Liu guest starred as herself in the episode “Coulda, Woulda Shoulda.” Liu appeared as one of Samantha’s new clients; however, she loses her patience for the PR professional once she discovers that Samantha used her name to jump the five-year waiting list for a Birkin handbag.

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14. Alanis Morissette

Alanis Morissette was in the episode “Boy, Girl, Boy, Girl…” She played Dawn, a lesbian who Carrie meets through her bisexual boyfriend Sean. At a party, during a game of spin the bottle, Dawn ends up kissing Carrie.

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13. Vince Vaughn

Vince Vaughn is in the episode “Sex and Another City.” He plays Keith Travers, a guy who pretends to be Matt Damon’s agent to impress Carrie. She discovers, at the end of the episode, that Travers is actually only a house sitter for the stars which led into a great cameo from Carrie Fisher.

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12. Alan Cumming

Alan Cumming – best known for his role on “The Good Wife” – was in the episode “The Real Me.” He plays the Dolce and Gabbana stylist who styles Carrie for the fashion show. He says “me likey” a lot.

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11. John Slattery

John Slattery – best known for his role as Roger Sterling on “Mad Men” – guest starred in two episodes of “Sex and the City” – “Where There’s Smoke…” and “Politically Erect.” He plays Carrie’s love interest, aspiring Manhattan City treasurer Bill Kelley. The two are an item until Kelley asks her to urinate on him after sex.

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10. Geri Halliwell

Geri Halliwell – better known as Ginger Spice from the “Spice Girls” – played Phoebe, Samantha’s friend who tells her about Soho House’s pool, in the episode “Boy Interrupted.”

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9. Heidi Klum

Heidi Klum plays herself in the episode “The Real Me.” Carrie takes part in a fashion show and ends up tripping on her heel and falling over. Klum is seen in a couple of different scenes. In one she admires Carrie’s runway outfit and in the other she steps over Carrie after she has fallen on the runway.

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8. Justin Theroux

Justin Theroux guest starred on “Sex and the City” twice, once during season one – “The Monogamists” – and once during season two – “Shortcomings.” In the episode during season one, he plays Jared, Stanford’s writer friend who made New York magazine’s “30 Coolest People Under 30” list. During season two, he plays Carrie Bradshaw’s boyfriend Vaughn Wysel who has some difficulties in the bedroom.

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7. Jon Bon Jovi

Jon Bon Jovi played Carrie Bradshaw’s love interest, Seth, in the episode “Games People Play.” Carrie meets Seth in her therapist’s waiting room and the two end up going on a date. After sleeping with him, he tells her that he is in therapy because he loses interest in women after he is intimate with them.

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6. Will Arnett

Will Arnett – best known for his role as Gob in “Arrested Development – plays Jack, Miranda’s love interest, in the episode “La Douleur Exquise.” After meeting at a book store, they go on several dates; however, the relationship sours once Miranda realizes he only enjoys having sex in places where he can get caught.

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5. Kat Dennings

Kat Dennings – from “Two Broke Girls” – played Jenny Brier, a super rich 13-year-old who hires Samantha to plan her million-dollar bat mitzvah, in the episode “Hot Child in the City.”

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4. Hugh Hefner

Hugh Hefner played himself in the episode “Sex and Another City.” Samantha ends up meeting him at a club and he invites her and the girls to the Playboy mansion for a party. At the party, Samantha loses her fake Fendi bag and accuses a Playboy bunny who has an identical purse of stealing it. It turns out the bunny’s bag is real and the girls end up getting kicked out.

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3. Sarah Michelle Gellar

Sarah Michelle Gellar played Debbie, a woman who works for the production company that is interested in turning Carrie’s column into a film, in the episode “Escape from New York.” Debbie meets with Carrie to discuss the proposal at a bar in L.A. and lets her know that Matthew McConaughey is interested in the project.

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2. Matthew McConaughey

Matthew McConaughey plays himself in the episode “Escape from New York.” He meets Carrie to talk about turning her column into a film. During their meeting, Carrie has difficulty determining whether McConaughey is hitting on her. Apparently the part was written for Alec Baldwin, but he turned it down!

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1. Bradley Cooper

Bradley Cooper makes a quick appearance in the episode “They Shoot Single People, Don’t They?” After Carrie gets a horrible photo taken for a cover story in New York magazine, she picks up Cooper’s character Jake at a bar in an attempt to validate herself.

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