5 Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers For The Week (February 13)

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What could be more romantic that a Valentine’s Day wedding? Love is in the air when it comes to the Bold and the Beautiful (B&B) this week, but so is drama, deception, and lies. Learn more about the surprise wedding of Zende and Nicole, as well as all the craziness that will ensue this week in the B&B spoilers for the week of February 13th.

5. Zende and Nicole Say ‘I Do’

These two are definitely headed down the aisle this week, but what will be more interesting, the nuptials or the drama that rolls out? The impromptu wedding is set at Forrester Creations with all the Avants in attendance (including parents Julius and Vivienne) as well as Kristen and Antonio Dominguez return to see son Zende get hitched. Everything seems well and in order for the perfect Valentine’s wedding … and then the drama hits the fan.

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4. Wedding Drama

What would a soap opera wedding be without the obligatory drama and fights? Sally is over the moon this week the video of her and Steffy’s cake fight went viral. Sally and her Spectra gang crash Zende and Nicole’s wedding so that they can be known as a force to reckon with and to keep that spotlight on them.

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3. Sasha Returns

Sasha returns to town for the wedding in hopes that she can patch things up with the rest of the Avant family. Will she succeed? Has she packed up those daddy issues? The problem here is that it wasn’t too long ago that we saw her and the last time she was around she caused a lot of trouble. Spoilers indicate she does add to the wedding drama this week. In other news, Carter Walton returns to the B&B this week as well.

2. Confused Quinn

On the one hand, Quinn doesn’t like Katie hanging around her hubby Eric this week, which only intensified when Brooke revealed that Katie had a crush on Eric. While Quinn does feel territorial, she continues to fight the feeling she has for Ridge. The feeling is clearly mutual as the way they look at each other is beginning to be hard to hide. The two talk about their chemistry and try to figure out what to do. But how do you stop something as powerful as what they seem to have between them? Maybe they can’t…

1. Spencer Men’s Lonely Hearts Club

Bill and Wyatt chat about their status as single bachelors this Valentine’s day and how displeased they are with it. Wyatt wants to move on, but Bill is determined to get Brooke back. After he is done his talk with Wyatt, Bill goes to see Brooke and add some doubt in her mind about Ridge. He wants desperately to stop their wedding, but does he need to even do anything? Or will Ridge blow it out of the water due to his feelings for Quinn, regardless of what Bill tries to do?

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