5 Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For The Week (February 27)

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Shocking news for Jade, Dario admits he has feelings for Abigail, and Nicole skips town with baby Holly. Sounds like a typical week in Salem, filled with lots of drama! Learn more about what will happen in the next five days, by reading the below Days of Our Lives (DOOL) spoilers for the week of February 27th.

5. Jade’s Dad Needs Help

Jade gets some bad news as the week kicks off. She is shocked to learn her father requires a liver transplant. The situation is so dire that if Hal doesn’t get one right away, he may die. While the two clearly don’t see eye to eye, DOOL spoilers indicate the situation may bring them together.

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4. Chabby, Chabi, or Dabby?

Gabi is taken aback this week when Dario admits to having feelings for Abigail. While he’s not sure what to do, his feeling do continue to grow for her. DOOL spoilers indicate that Gabi will insist that Dario leave Abigail alone … but will Dario listen? Speaking of Abby, her hubby will have an offer for her this week as he comes up with a job that may suit her perfectly.

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3. Anne Goes After Her Man

Anne decides to go after what she wants, and what she wants is Lucas. DOOL spoilers report that she moves in for a kiss this week and the plan doesn’t turn out as well as she expected. As such, things will get awkward between the two, but is this just a hiccup on a road to romance? Adrienne does seem to be getting closer with her ex, Justin. Meanwhile, Chad and Abigail have an awkward run-in with Gabi.

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2. Sonny Makes A Bold Move

Sonny takes Victor aside to have a talk with him. He doesn’t beat around the bush either. DOOL Spoilers say that he will tell Victor that a new leader is needed at Titan. Deimos has gone off the deep end around this technology war and Sonny believes that he is the CEO that Titan needs. Plus, he’s tired of being underestimated. Gabi and Paul worry about the step Sonny has taken, it could lead to some danger. Paul approaches Sonny on this and there is tension.

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1. Nicole Takes Holly

The big one everyone is waiting to watch. Nicole takes matters into her own hands and steals Holly this week. Earlier on in the week, Deimos accuses Brady of falling for Nicole and as the days go by, the manipulative Greek puts the plans in motion for the baby to be kidnapped. Nicole gets dragged into this mess and it all explodes later in the week. To round up this week’s spoilers, change will hit the Salem PD soon and Rafe and Hope worry about what this means. Jenn and Eric also share a special moment.

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