7 Exclusive Details About Jennifer Aniston’s Secret Wedding

This summer, we’ve had nothing but a bunch of high profile breakups – until now! Us Weekly announced earlier today that Jennifer Aniston finally tied the knot with Justin Theroux in a top secret ceremony that was held in her backyard. This is pretty big news! These two have been hounded by breakup rumors for years now, but they’ve finally proved all the naysayers wrong. We’re pretty excited for the newlyweds, especially Jennifer. Since her breakup with Brad Pitt, she has hopped from relationship to relationship, but that changed when she met Justin. For everyone out there who is dying for some updates on the wedding, here are 7 exclusive details!

7. Guests

More than 70 family members and friends attended. Some of the guests included Howard Stern, Jason Bateman, Ellen DeGeneres, Lisa Kudrow, Sia Furler, Samantha Ronson, Chelsea Handler, John Krasinski and Emily Blunt.

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6. The Cake

According to E! Online, a caterer was seen on Jennifer’s $21 million Bel Air mansion carrying a Muppet-inspired cake, with two big Muppet characters placed on top.

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5. Her Backyard

The wedding was held in Jennifer’s backyard at her Bel Air mansion. A giant shed was built to conceal all of the furniture and party supplies. A wooden stage was set up in the backyard with enough seating for 74 people.

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4. Makeup and Hair

E! Online confirmed that Jennifer’s longtime makeup artist Angela Levin did her makeup for the big night and her longtime hairstylist Chris McMillan did her hair.

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3. A Pastor Was Spotted

A pastor was spotted with a bible in hand walking on Jennifer’s property on the day of the wedding.

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2. Guests Thought it Was a Birthday Party

Jennifer and Justin wanted to surprise their guests, so they told everyone invited that it was a birthday party for Justin.

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1. They Went to Great Lengths to Keep it Secret

The week before the wedding, Jennifer was desperate to keep things under wraps, so she confiscated her household staff’s phones.

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