9 Most Shocking Music Myths

There are some rumors that have been bouncing around the music industry for a number of years. Even though there is no proof to validate the vast majority of them, they have all persisted, becoming almost legend-like. We know everyone loves a good conspiracy theory, so we’re out to see which ones are true and which ones are false. There are dozens and dozens of these music myths out there, so we have collected 9 of the most shocking. We’re warning you now – many of them are too ridiculous to be true, so don’t be too surprised when we dispel them.

Marilyn Manson Had Ribs Removed

Marilyn Manson is rumored to have had his lower ribs removed so that he could perform fellatio on himself. He has denied the allegations. “If I really got my ribs removed I would have been busy sucking my own d*ck on The Wonder Years instead of chasing Winnie Cooper,” he said in his autobiography. Funny that Manson mentioned “The Wonder Years” – he was rumored to have played Paul Pfeiffer on the show, but that was false as well.

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Courtney Love Killed Kurt Cobain

There are some conspiracy theorists out there who believe that Kurt Cobain was murdered and some of those same people believe that Courtney Love was the one who did it. Her own father claims that he can prove her involvement in Cobain’s death. We think this one is just a conspiracy theory. His death was ruled a suicide and Love may be a lot of things, but she has not been proven to be a murderer.

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Tupac Is Still Alive

Almost twenty years ago, Tupac was pronounced dead after he was shot multiple times in a drive-by shooting; however, in spite of this, rumors persist claiming he is still alive. Since his death, people have said that they’ve spotted him. The fact that he has continued to release music over the years hasn’t helped to quell this conspiracy. For the record, Tupac is dead. He died in 1996 of internal bleeding, so we highly doubt that anyone has seen him.

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Jennifer Lopez Insured Her Butt

Jennifer Lopez reportedly insured her famous posterior for $27 million. Some reports claim that she had her entire body insured for as much as $1 billion; however, her reps have denied that any of this is true. We have to believe them on this one. It doesn’t make a lot of sense.

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Keith Richards Snorted His Father’s Ashes

Keith Richards has said that he snorted his father’s ashes. In an interview with NME, he claimed that he mixed them with some cocaine and then snorted them. According to the rock star’s manager, however, this was said in jest. In spite of this, the rumor persists. Richards has since clarified that he actually used his father’s ashes to fertilize an oak tree.

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Paul McCartney Is Dead

Paul McCartney was rumored to have died in a car crash in 1967 and The Beatles reportedly replaced him with a look-a-like. Articles that were published in 1969 claim that clues about the singer’s death can be found in the band’s lyrics and artwork on their recordings. The whole thing was a hoax – McCartney was, and is still, very much alive.

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Ozzy Osbourne Bit a Bat’s Head Off

In 1981, while on tour in support of his album Diary of a Madman, Ozzy Osbourne actually did bite the head off a live bat. To put this in context, he encouraged this sort of unsavory behavior, as he had taken to throwing animal organs at his audiences during his concerts. At this particular show, a fan had thrown a bat at Osbourne. Thinking that it was made of rubber, he bit the bat’s head off. After realizing that it was real, he was rushed to the hospital and treated for rabies.

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Lady Gaga Is A Hermaphrodite

Several years ago, an up-skirt photo of Lady Gaga revealed a bulge in between her legs, which sparked rumors that she is a hermaphrodite. This bulge could have easily been caused by bad undergarments or an unflattering angle; however, internet bloggers insisted that it was a shot of the singer’s penis. On more than one occasion, Gaga has denied the rumors. This one is definitely false.

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Ciara Was Born a Male

Ciara has been fighting rumors that she was born a boy since her tunes first hit the airwaves. These same people allege that she underwent a sex change. Ciara has denied the allegations on multiple occasions and there has been no real evidence to support them anyway.

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