Ben Affleck Affair: 10 Things To Know About Christine Ouzounian

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Ben Affleck is looking pretty guilty right about now. He keeps denying that he hooked up with his children’s nanny, Christine Ouzounian, but she seems to be telling a very different story. Her friends have been spilling the beans to reputable publications like E! Online, Us Weekly and People while she was spotted soaking up some attention from the paparazzi the other day. One would think that she would be embarrassed about the situation, but she totally isn’t, which makes many of us think that the scandal-ridden story is true. Since Christine obviously loves the attention and many of us want to know more about her, here are 10 things you need to know about Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner’s former nanny.

10. She’s a Communications Grad

According to Us Weekly, Christine studied communications with an emphasis on interpersonal relations at the University of Arizona. She was part of a sorority while there – Delta Gamma chapter. She also spent some time studying abroad in Florence, Italy.

Source: Christine Ouzounian myspace

9. She Thinks Ben Really Likes Her

A friend of Christine’s told Us Weekly that the former nanny thinks what she had with Ben was the real deal. “She says Ben really, really likes her,” her pal said. “She’s saying this is true love.” Affleck denied that there was anything romantic between him and Christine, claiming they had “a work relationship and a friendship,” but nothing more.

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8. She’s From Santa Monica, California

Christine was born and raised in Santa Monica, California. She grew up a short distance away from the coast of the Pacific Ocean and she attended Santa Monica High School. She graduated with the class of 2005.

Source: Christine Ouzounian myspace

7. She Spent Two Years Living in the Bahamas

Before she became a nanny, Christine was a teacher at Head Start Academy in the Bahamas. She worked there for two years, leaving in December 2013.

Source: Christine Ouzounian myspace

6. She Was Neil Patrick Harris’ Nanny

Christine also worked for Neil Patrick Harris and David Burkta. She looked after their twins, Gideon Scott and Harper Grace, in NYC for about a year and a half. On her resume, she wrote that her duties included representing “the family well in the public eye and press,” and being “extremely discreet and flexible,” according to Us Weekly.

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5. She Has a Twin Sister, Caty

Her twin sister Caty is also a nanny and she is the one who got her into the whole nanny business. Christine was reportedly an employee at a high-end Beverly Hills nanny agency, which is how Affleck and Garner found her.

Source: Christine Ouzounian myspace

4. She Was Fired in the Bahamas

According to a friend of Christine, Jennifer Garner discovered that her husband had slept with the nanny in the Bahamas, which is why she was fired.

Source: Christine Ouzounian myspace

3. She Tipped Off the Paparazzi

A source told E! Online that, after Christine was fired, she tipped off the paparazzi so that they would get photos of her hanging out with Ben. When he saw the photographers, he became quite upset. Some think that this is why the relationship ended.

Source: Christine Ouzounian myspace

2. She Still Lives at Home

Christine and her twin sister Caty both live at home with their parents in the house they grew up in, according to People.

Source: Christine Ouzounian myspace

1. She’s Been Staying at the Hotel Bel Air

Since news of her relationship with Ben broke, Christine has been staying at the Bel Air Hotel Entertainment Tonight has confirmed – the same hotel where she reportedly met the “Batman v. Superman” actor for trysts.

Source: Christine Ouzounian myspace



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