Annoying Days Of Our Lives Love Triangles

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Soap opera love stories are great — it’s the reason why most fans tune into their favorite daytime dramas. As much as audiences love soap super couples, there’s nothing like adding a third party into the mix to create some conflict. There have been many love triangles to grace the screens of Days of Our Lives (DOOL) over the years. Some have been major, and others have been major fails. Below are annoying DOOL love triangles!

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7. Adrienne, Lucas and Justin

Most fans were more interested in Adrienne’s breast cancer storyline and Bonnie parading around as her than what went on between these three. Maybe it’s because at the end of the day (no pun intended), Adrienne and Lucas lacked chemistry. We all know she belongs with Justin.

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6. Chloe, Lucas and Daniel

Poor Lucas Horton hits this annoying love triangle list again! Will he ever find a woman all to his own? In 2008, he and Chloe Lane had a nice little relationship. His kids Will and Ali adored her, and it seemed like everything was moving forward nicely for the couple — that is until Chloe began having eyes for the handsome new doctor that strolled into town, Daniel Jonas. Despite having an affair with Jonas, Chloe still married Lucas out of guilt, which only dragged the storyline out even longer. She ended up choosing Daniel in the end, but the love triangle lacked any depth or drama.

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5. Philip, Melanie and Stephanie

Many moons ago when Philip Kiriakis was running Titan, he hired Melanie Jonas as his executive assistant and Stephanie Johnson as an intern. Both ladies were very interested in Philip and it seemed that Steph initially won the battle for his heart when the two began dating. Melanie played the schemer and tried to break them up, but failed miserably. There was no real pull to the love triangle at the time as Stephanie and Philip didn’t seem like the right fit to begin with. They would eventually break up thanks to Philip’s obsession with the Kiriakis business. Once they were through, Philip moved on to Melanie.

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4. Jack, Jenn and Eve

Jack and Jennifer were Salem’s super couple in the 1990s, but still had their fair share of struggles when it came to walking down that wedding aisle. While Jenn was dealing with Lawrence Alamain assaulting her, she pushed Jack away as he tried to plan their wedding. Along came Eve Donovan with a proposal that would land Jack his beloved Spectator magazine back. Eve and Jack weren’t in love or even attracted to each other, but they did get married and pretended to be together for mutually beneficial purposes. The love triangle wasn’t the typical story of one person who was torn between the love for two. Good news was that Jenn and Jack did reconcile and eventually get married (for the first time).

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3. EJ, Sami and Abigail

As the queen of schemes, you’d be a fool to mess with Sami or her man. Abigail never really had a chance with EJ when the two hooked up and had an affair. He was only really with her because he was on a break from Sami, but also to keep her quiet about Sami’s involvement in Nick Fallon’s disappearance. This love triangle only made Abigail look like a pathetic little girl in the end. It also tarnished Sami and EJ’s love story.

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2. Carly, Lawrence and Bo

Back in the 1990s, as Bo was moving on from Hope’s death, he met and fell in love with Carly Manning. Sadly, Carly was involved in a controlling relationship with rich and powerful Lawrence Alamain. She loved Bo and Bo loved her. The only thing that kept them apart was Lawrence and his schemes. Not a compelling love triangle in the least.

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1. Marlena, Alex and John

Marlena and John were involved in a very dramatic love story in which Roman Brady was the third wheel. Who knew Evans had yet another husband buried in her past (pre-Salem times) who could come between them. Alex re-emerged in 2005 after decades of everyone thinking he was deceased. This love triangle was lame. Marlena loved John, but decided to stay true to her vows that she had taken years (upon years) ago. DOOL fans could see that Alex was shady from the get go. Thankfully, he showed his true colors, allowing Marlena and John to move on.

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