Charisma Carpenter Talks About Attack In ‘Surviving Evil’

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The former star of Buffy, The Vampire Slayer and Angel, sat down for an interview to promote the second season of her show Surviving Evil.

Charisma Carpenter–the Las Vegas born actress boasting one of the coolest names in the business–is entering her second season as the host of the incredibly moving and empowering show, Surviving Evil. If you’re unfamiliar, the show airs on Investigation Discovery, and chronicles specific incidents in the lives of people–events that became terrifying, life-threatening ordeals.

Charisma was the subject of one episode in the first season–a story that she had remained very private about since her experience. She was one of several individuals who was attacked by serial rapist, and former San Diego Police Officer, Henry Hubbard Jr. in 1991. Charisma’s role in fighting off the attacker–along with her two male companions–eventually led to a key piece of evidence in cracking the case, and discovering the perpetrator’s identity: She discovered his police-issue flashlight on the scene and offered it to investigators.

Charisma boasted about the guests they host on Surviving Evil. Their willingness to share their stories, and their courage in recounting the events are two things to be admired. While the subject matter is often disturbing, there is a tremendous amount of hope gleaned from each episode, as the show focuses on survival of grim scenarios and circumstances.

Check out the video below to see the full interview with Charisma, and hear how she eventually told her son about her own personal story of surviving evil.


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