The 7 Worst Teen Movies

The market of teen movies is one of the largest in Hollywood and they are endlessly being produced for easy money. While some of these films are fun, entertaining or even thought provoking, others are the complete opposite. Even though they probably weren’t meant to be as bad as they are, they have somehow ended up being dull, humorless and totally uninspiring. These bad movies are actually difficult to watch, which makes us wonder who decided to write, produce and direct this stuff. Since everyone loves teen movies, we figured we would round up some of the worst ones out there. These 7 movies are not worth watching, unless of course you like bad movies, in which case – enjoy!

7. Crossroads

If you’re a fan of Britney Spears, you might enjoy “Crossroads;” however, if you’re anyone else, you’ll probably find this movie pretty lacklustre. Unsurprisingly, critics panned it for the flat acting, poor dialogue and incomprehensible plot. Robert K. Elder of the Chicago Tribune savaged the pop star’s performance: “Spears delivers a performance with the same sincerity she invests into a Pepsi commercial, only this film contains twice the sugary calories.” Ouch!

6. The Girl Next Door

“The Girl Next Door” is based on any teen dude’s fantasy – some hot girl moves in next door to him and she turns out to be a former porn star. One of the main problems that we have with this film is that it was even marketed to teens in the first place. The porn world is really seedy – as it is in the film as well – and it isn’t at all appropriate for a teenage audience. Some critics claimed that “The Girl Next Door” was modeled after “Risky Business;” however, it lacks the wit of its predecessor.

5. Loser

We don’t recommend wasting your time watching the movie “Loser” – it is just another predictable teen film with the same clichés. For the most part, critics gave the film negative reviews and Roger Ebert was one of them. According to him, “Loser” is not a love story so much as an exercise in postponing the obvious.” The film totally bombed at the box office too and couldn’t break even on its production costs – more evidence not to watch it!

4. I Still Know What You Did Last Summer

If you’re looking for a good scary movie, don’t watch “I Still Know What You Did Last summer.” Critics savaged it for being boring and predictable, so we suggest that no one wastes their time with this one. Roger Ebert’s criticism of the film seems pretty apt. He claims that the movie has “no characters of any interest, no dialogue worth hearing [and] no originality of conception.” It sounds pretty harsh, but sometimes the truth hurts!

3. Dude, Where’s My Car?

While the idea of two young men getting so wasted that they forget where they parked their car might seem amusing in theory, the whole concept falls flat in “Dude, Where’s My Car?” While some might argue that the humor in the film is so bad that it’s good, we couldn’t disagree more. The plot is pretty flimsy and the characters’ attempts at humor falls flat. The only funny thing about this movie is that Jennifer Garner has a supporting role. What was she thinking?!

2. Teaching Mrs. Tingle

“Teaching Mrs. Tingle” is supposed to be a black comedy-drama about three students exacting revenge against a teacher. While that premise might sound mildly interesting, the film is anything but. The director Kevin Williamson seems to have written the screenplay in response to one of his high school teacher’s telling him that he can’t write and he appears to be using the film to exact his revenge, unsuccessfully. The teacher, Mrs. Tingle, is totally evil and ends up getting fired and arrested while the students who held her hostage end up walking free. It is every bad student’s fantasy and just an all around bad movie.

1. New York Minute

“New York Minute” is the last movie Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen starred in together and we can see why. The film was so bad that it bombed at the box office and was savaged by critics. Because of this, the twin’s company Dualstar, which produced the film, suffered great financial losses and went into dormancy in 2007. Mary Kate and Ashley have since given up on acting and have instead been focusing on their various fashion lines. Wise choice!



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