7 Celebrities Who Swear By Dance Cardio Workouts

Dance cardio workouts are one of Hollywood’s latest trends. They are said to make women look long and lean while also making them strong and defined – every women’s dream! According to personal trainer to the stars Tracey Anderson, this kind of exercise is capable of totally changing a woman’s body. Many stars swear by this kind of exercise and, if you’ve seen their figures, you’d know that they aren’t lying. Since we’re all always looking for fun ways to stay fit, check out these 7 stars who use cardio dance workouts to keep their fabulous figures in tip top shape!

7. Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez has been able to keep her age-defying physique thanks to the Tracy Anderson Method, a workout regime that incorporates muscular structure work, as well as dance aerobics. The workouts that Tracy Anderson has created for JLo include high intensity cardio dance exercise with light strength training using body weight and high repetitions done with small hand weights. Lopez is proof that some women just get better with age.

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6. Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwyneth Paltrow has one of the most enviable figures in Hollywood, but she works for it (and then rubs it in our faces). The mother of two trains with Tracy Anderson and works out for a total of two hours a day, five to six times a week. These two do 45 minutes of dance aerobics and 45 minutes of Anderson’s muscular design program. This exercise regime allows the Oscar-winning actress to eat whatever she wants whenever she wants.

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5. Kelly Ripa

Kelly Ripa – who is known for her lean and sculpted physique – achieved her incredible body with dance-based routines. The mother of three exercises every day, but trains with her personal trainer, Anna Kaiser, three days a week. While she prefers cardio dance training, her exercise routine is not limited to that. “I take spinning classes at Soul Cycle [in New York], which I love, and I run. I get bored, so I like to mix it up a little bit,” Ripa told Good Housekeeping.

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4. Shakira

Like Kelly Ripa, Shakira is another celebrity who trains with Anna Kaiser. The belly dancing star is a huge fan of dance cardio workouts. Her personal trainer creates exercise routines that incorporate cardio and strength training and have great results. “Dance is not only fun, but it can be an incredibly difficult and effective option for cardio. When combined with an effective strength and flexibility program, you get a fantastic well-rounded program with amazing results,” Kaiser said. Judging by Shakira’s figure, we’d have to say that she’s right!

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3. Nicole Richie

Nicole Richie is a huge fan of Tracy Anderson’s dance cardio workouts. While the reality TV star has had some issues with her weight in the past, these days, she doesn’t seem to have any issues staying healthy, in part thanks to her exercise regime. “When I first came to a class, I heard I was going to be there for an hour and a half. I was like, ‘Oh, I don’t do that,’” Nicole told Us Weekly. “And now I’m in there two hours a day, four days a week. It’s so fun and the time flies by. This is the only workout that I’ve ever done that I’ve been able to eat whatever I want. I feel so great after I do it.”

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2. Gisele Bundchen

Gisele Bundchen has always been known for having a ridiculously long and lean body. One thing that most people don’t know about her is that she has one of the most varied workout regimens in Hollywood. She maintains her supermodel figure with kung fu, tai chi, Anusara yoga and the Tracy Anderson Method. Bundchen is reportedly a huge fan of Anderson’s dance aerobics classes and we can see why – it helps her maintain her long, lean body.

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1. Kate Hudson

When it comes to her workouts, Kate Hudson likes to do a variety of things including cardio, Pilates and yoga; however, her favorite type of exercise is dance. “I like more dance, aerobic things. At one point I did the pole dancing – that was really amazing for the body. The things that I’ve seen the best for women have been anything that’s real dance, something that elongates, and really really strengthens. So, Core Fusion, Tracy Anderson, Ballet Barre, Pilates, I think those things for women (are great) because they center on the core,” she told Glamour. Whatever she is doing, it is working – Hudson has one of the best bodies in Hollywood right now.

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