When Bangs Ruin Faces: 9 Celebrities With The Worst Bangs Ever

To go with bangs or not go with bangs is one of the most important questions that a female celebrity must ask herself. Bangs can either make you look stunning or more like your homely cousin from Iowa. We’ve already featured a list of hairstyles that will make you want bangs, but what about bangs that will make you wish that you could shave your head and start again? We decided to go through some of the worst bangs in Hollywood. These celebrities made a big mistake by going with a fringe and everyone should be warned against making a similar mistake. Here are 9 celebrities with the worst bangs ever.

9. Katy Perry

When it comes to hairstyles, Katy Perry has tried everything – from rainbow colored locks to sleek updos to blunt-cut bangs – there’s no hairstyle she won’t try once. For a while, the “I Kissed a Girl” singer seemed to be going for a Betty Paige look, which would definitely explain the fringe she had going on in 2009. Needless to say, it didn’t work for her. She looks so much sleeker and sexier with side swept bangs. The fringe makes her face look round, which is anything but flattering.

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8. Britney Spears

Britney Spears is a beautiful woman but, when you add some stiff, straight bangs to her hairstyle, she starts looking pretty “meh.” Considering she was able to dominate the pop scene for a good five years, you would think she’d be a little better at looking in the mirror and knowing what works on her face and what doesn’t. We definitely prefer her without bangs or, at the very least, without blunt ones.

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7. Leighton Meester

In 2011, Leighton Meester underwent a bit of a hair makeover – or makeunder, depending on how you look at. She kept her long flowing locks, but introduced some eyebrow skimming bangs. While some people think the fringe looked good, we think it was a bad idea. The “Gossip Girl” star has one of the prettiest faces to ever grace TV with talent to boot – what was she trying to hide with these awful bangs? We think that she looks infinitely better without the fringe.

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6. Jessica Biel

Jessica Biel almost always looks beautiful – except when she sports heavy-looking bangs. Even though they don’t really work on her, the “7th Heaven” alum went through a phase where she kept going back to these blunt bangs, which is a total shame since she really doesn’t have the sort of face that can pull this style off. We much prefer her with no bangs or side swept ones – we just hope her hairstylist agrees!

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5. Rachel McAdams

Rachel McAdams was another celebrity who decided – for reasons totally unknown – to hop on the fringe bandwagon. At the premiere for “The Vow,” she totally disappointed us when she showed up with these heavy-looking blunt bangs, which did her face absolutely no favors. She has beautiful bone structure and this style hides that. To make matters worse, Rachel looks about a decade older with this cut.

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4. Mischa Barton

Mischa Barton is a pioneer in a way. She started experimenting with bangs back in 2003 – way before anyone else – when she was a rising star on “The O.C.” Every so often, the former “It Girl” goes back to blunt bangs, which is such a great disappointment. Barton has one of the most beautiful faces in the business. With her fine features, the style just doesn’t work. If she is going to have bangs, she needs something wispier, otherwise it changes the shape of her lovely face.

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3. Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner is only a teenager and she has already had more hairstyles than a woman twice her age. At the 2013 American Music Awards, she debuted blunt bangs. As the reality TV star posed on the red carpet, it looked like she had to work extra hard to see past all of the hair in her eyes. Thankfully it didn’t take young Jenner long to trade in this hairstyle for something without bangs. Thank goodness – this style looked awful on her.

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2. Sophia Bush

Sophia Bush is another celebrity who experimented with blunt bangs. After CBS’ “Partners” was cancelled, the “One Tree Hill” alum was suddenly free to try other looks, so she introduced this unflattering fringe. We totally get that blunt bangs are one of the biggest hair trends, but what we don’t get is why every celebrity has to jump on board. Bush – like so many other celebrities – has really fine features, so the sharpness of the bangs end up looking heavy on her.

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1. Nicole Richie

Nicole Richie loves to experiment with hair colors and styles. While there were some that we really liked (the shoulder length bob with side swept bangs to name one) there were some that we really didn’t like. Case in point, the fringe. She has such delicate features – and one of the slightest figures in Hollywood – so we don’t understand why she would choose to weigh down her lovely features with heavy bangs!

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