5 Highest-Paid Country Music Stars Of 2014

Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com

Country music stars may seem down-to-earth — but some of them made a pretty penny in 2014.

The fifth highest-earning country star this year is Luke Bryan, who pulled in $34 million with the release of his album Crash My Party. “It’s an amazing life,” he admitted. “I’m very blessed.”

Another man of country came in at number four:  Jason Aldean. With five platinum albums and hits like “Take a Little Ride” and “Big Green Tractor,” the 37 year-old reliable hitmaker made $37 million this year.

Kenny Chesney also made the list. He’s been churning out country hits since the early 1990s, but this year he added to his income with the release of his rum, Blue Chair Bay. The collection includes white rum, coconut rum and coconut spiced rum.

The only woman to make the top five for country music earnings is pop crossover princess Taylor Swift. At 24, she’s also the youngest on the list — but she earned $64 million in 2014, almost twice as much as Luke Bryan and Jason Aldean. She’s released four studio albums containing endless hits, but she also rakes in cash from her fragrances, her spokesmodeling deals with Diet Coke and Cover Girl, and her stylish Keds sneaker line.

So that only leaves one more country star left on the list of high rollers — check out the video to find out who made the most money of all!

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