5 People Shot Near Club Where Chris Brown Was Performing

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Trouble seems to follow controversial R&B singer Chris Brown around as he can’t seem to go anywhere without there being some violent altercation, and this weekend was no exception.

Brown was performing a private party at Fiesta nightclub in San Jose, California on Saturday night into early Sunday morning when gunfire rang out outside of the club, injuring five people.

“The singer was hosting a private party along with a local radio personality or deejay. It wasn’t a scheduled performance. It was a birthday celebration, and they rented out the nightclub,” a spokesman for the San Jose Police Department reported.

The gunshots resulted in four people being rushed to hospital while another walked into a hospital on their own with a gunshot wound some time later, TIME magazine reported.

Cellphone footage from the incident shows Brown performing his song “Loyal” when a large altercation broke out off to the side resulting in loud pops like gunshots, causing the crowd to hit the ground and try to evacuate.

Although Brown was not directly involved in the shooting, a similar incident involving the singer occurred in August 2014.

Death Row Records executive Suge Knight was shot six times at a pre-party for the MTV Video Music Awards in Los Angeles hosted by Chris Brown.

Brown is set to begin a North American tour on January 27, in Hampton, Virginia.

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