7 Celebs You Didn’t Know Got Their Start In A Music Video

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When there’s an audition for something, you can bet your bottom dollar that every actor who wants to act will be auditioning… if they’re allowed to do so. It should come as no surprise that the first big role for many actors comes in a music video.

When producers are looking for a few fresh faces to up the ante of a music video, it’s no surprise that a few of those featured actors and actresses go on to be full-blown celebrities. It’s the odd way the entertainment industry works. Work leads to work. And when someone is in a popular music video, they become a known entity–a recognizable face. Then casting directors associate them by stating, “Hey, it’s that guy/girl from so-and-so’s music video. Let’s call them in, and see what they can do.”

Off the top of your head, can you think of a few actors who got their start in music videos? There are several you’d consider on the A-List, including an Oscar winner in the  mix. There have to be others who have simply never stated, “Hey, I was in the background of so-and-so’s music video,” but there are seven who are quite noteworthy, and who have gone on to do big things. And as an added bonus, you probably never knew it, but So-And-So is the biggest name in the music industry.

The video below is comprised of a quick seven celebrities who became recognizable faces (with the exception of one lowly bartender), due to their appearances in music videos. Check it out, and join the rest of us in saying, “Oh, right! They were totally in so-and-so’s video!?”

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