Amanda Bynes’ Psychiatric Hold Extended

Photo by REX

Photo by REX

There just seems to be no end to Amanda Bynes’ drama lately.

Most recently, after bizarre behavior and accusations aimed at her own father over Twitter, Amanda Bynes has finally entered a Los Angeles treatment facility.

It was increasingly obvious that Amanda needed help again, after she fled to NYC, claimed she was getting married, was accused of shoplifting and then accused her own father of abusing her as a child.

She later deleted the tweets about her father but insisted over Twitter that, “a microchip” made her say those things.

Now the strained relationship with her parents has increased after they had to trick her in order to get her into a mental health facility.

Bynes flew back from NYC to L.A. and got into a car under the belief that she was on her way to an attorney’s office, instead she was taken to a treatment center where she was involuntarily committed, a plan devised by her parents, their lawyer and a friend close to Bynes, Sam Lufti.

At first, Amanda was committed for a 72-hour period but her behavior has created an extension lasting 14 days, in order to try to help the troubled star.

This erratic behavior is what landed Bynes in the hospital in 2013 on her first involuntary pyschiatric hold.

Her parents were then given a conservatorship in order to look after her, which is the also the aim this time, except now she hates her parents.

According to many sources, it will be even harder to get Amanda better this time given how much she hates her parents and feels betrayed by them for tricking her.

Only time will tell if she will receive the help she needs to get better this time.

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