Amanda Bynes’ Shoplifting Video Is Cause For Concern

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Amanda Bynes has wasted no time fuelling the rumors that she has lost it again, since her DUI in California and escape to New York City.

Although she continually takes to her Twitter account to announce that she is in fact “not insane” and that it is media and haters who are making things up about her, her actions say otherwise.

Most recently it seems Amanda went shopping in New York with no intention of actually buying anything.

She was accused of stealing a hat from Barneys but insisted she did not intend to take it, she only needed it to cover herself from fans and paparazzi.

Before that however are allegations that she attempted to steal a shirt from Pookie & Sebastian but not before busting into some weird dance moves and in general just acting strangely.

At one point she approaches her driver and it is unclear what he is adjusting on the shirt but she could be trying to get him to remove the security tag and covers it up by dancing provocatively with him.

Either way, there are reports she was accused of trying to shoplift from the store before a store employee approached her to which she stated “Do I really have to buy this?” Neither store chose to file charges, however.

This is just another incident that proves Amanda needs help.

Do you think Amanda needs professional help, or is she just having a good time? Check out the video and decide for yourself!

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