Amanda Bynes Tweets About Bipolar Diagnosis

s_bukley /

According to Amanda Bynes, she’s just “fine.” She was recently diagnosed with bipolar disorder to the extreme of being considered manic depressive, but hey… she’s “fine.”

Amanda is now 28, and a judge has ordered conservatorship over her assets, and awarded this responsibility to her mother, Lynn.

Again… she’s “fine.”

People. Here’s a question: Have you ever been to court? Have you ever watched a case like this play out? If an appointed or elected judge presents conservatorship to someone, when the person in question is nearly 30 years old, that person is not “fine.”

As it stands, according to Amanda’s Twitter feed, she’s seeing a psychologist and a psychiatrist weekly, and taking her prescription medications for her bipolar diagnosis. That’s precisely what someone needs, after they’ve been self-medicating for a period of five years… more medication.

This poor girl’s brain is fried, and in need of healing. She now has a legal line cutting her off from her own money. Does that sound “fine?”

It’s another case of a young person who really didn’t have a clue of how the world worked, and was taken advantage of from an early age… or who dealt with mental illness from an early age, and it was allowed to progress to the point of becoming debilitating. But she was making that money, so best let the cash cow do its thing.

The saddest thing about all this entire saga is the fact that Amanda believes herself to be of sound mind, because she’s on medication for a diagnosis. Now, she simply wants to follow the rules so she can get her money back.


James Sheldon