American Hustle Lawsuit: Producers Sued By Science Author

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Star studded 2013 film American Hustle became Oscar-nominated, won several Golden Globes and was very well received by critics and a hit with pretty much everyone.

However, there is one person who is not happy with the film at all, even claiming it ruined his career and is suing because of that.

That person is science author, Paul Brodeur who was mentioned in a one minute scene in the film.

In the film, Jennifer Lawrence’s character sets the microwave on fire by putting tin foil in it and proceeds to tell Christian Bale’s character that it’s for the best because microwaves take the nutrition out of food, which she read in a magazine article and names Paul Brodeur as the author.

Now, Brodeur is suing Atlas Entertainment, Annapurna Productions and Columbia Pictures for $1,000,000 because he claims the film’s writers lied and now his reputation in the scientific community is destroyed.

He is especially mad because there is an article in which he discusses microwaves and when asked, “Is there any danger in eating food cooked by microwaves?” His reply is, “None that is known.”

His defamation lawsuit has been filed and Brodeur is working to distance himself from the lies in the film by also asking a judge to order the removal of his name from all copies of the film.

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