American Idol Harry Connick Jr. Hilariously Auditions for Keith Urban!

Helga Esteb /

Just when you think to yourself, “American Idol should die.” Or when you’ve written throughout seasons 9-12, “It’s time to lay this show down gently…” The producers go and hire one of the most charming human beings to ever walk the face of the planet: Harry Connick Jr.

Yes, kids, before there was a Harry Styles, there was a Harry Connick Jr. And one still reigns in regards to legitimate coolness.

The show, in its 13th go ’round, has finally become what it should have been in the first place. This should be a showcase for talent, not cynicism and circus sideshows. Sure, seeing some of the delusional nightmares are comical, but not always comedic. However, during Thursday night’s episode of American Idol, Harry Connick Jr. and Keith Urban decided to be creative in killing time, while J. Lo was off tending to nature’s call, and Harry offered his own impersonation of the aforementioned contestants.

Harry Connick offered his own audition to become the next… … …American Idol! And it was fantastic. Everything about this guy is supremely entertaining. And if you’ve never seen him live, you’ve done yourself a serious disservice. He was a musical prodigy as a youth, and a best selling jazz artist before the age of 20.

His audition was for Keith Urban and only Keith Urban, and Harry played up the swoons and tone deaf tunes for the sake of his make believe moment. Ultimately, Keith said no to “Harry Connick,” but clearly the critics have all said yes, yes, yes to Harry Connick Jr. as the newest judge in the show’s long running history.

To see Harry do what Harry does so well, have a look at the video.


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