Angelina Jolie Gets Down On Ground To Comfort Fan

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Angelina Jolie is everywhere promoting her new film, Unbroken. At a recent stop, she got into the spirit of Louis Zamperini, the subject of Unbroken, and helped a fan who was in need of some assistance.

For those unfamiliar, Unbroken may very well be the Oscar dark horse. It chronicles the life of Louis Zamperini, an Olympic champion and WWII soldier, who was captured, then held prisoner for years before being released and becoming very outspoken about his faith journey. Not to spoil his story if you’re unfamiliar, Unbroken is a definite “should see,” this holiday season.

Angelina recently stopped by The Daily Show to chat with Jon Stewart, and while she was there she was also welcomed by a legion of fans and paparazzi. For one fan, who was just hoping for an autograph, the Angelina sighting became too much of an experience. The fan began to suffer from an anxiety attack, and had to be removed from the pushy crowd. When Angelina learned this, she went to fan, knelt beside her, talked to her for a moment, then took the fan’s camera and offered a selfie with the adoring woman.

Angelina has endured more than her fair share of disdain from fans, media… haters. It really makes no sense that someone with a mothering instinct so strong would ever be so highly criticized, but that’s humanity for ya. After sharing the moment when her fan, Angelina got back to business as usual.

Unbroken opens on Christmas Day. To see more on this story, as well as Angelina’s moment with the anxiety riddled fan, check out the video below.


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