Angelina Jolie Hires Cyber Security For Her Kids

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Like all parents, even Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have to worry about what their kids are accessing on the internet and what their kids are being exposed to via the internet, however unlike most other parents they can hire security for that job alone.

With a brood of six children ranging in the ages from 6-13 all growing up in a technology dominated world and most likely have all the latest technology available at their fingertips, it is very important to keep them safe, but Jolie and Pitt have it handled.

“We have someone who monitors that,” Jolie told People magazine.

Jolie also believes that the security for internet activity alone is very necessary mostly because her and Brad aren’t active enough online, especially with social media, to understand it all.

“It’s a scary new world. It’s so beyond what we understand. We wouldn’t even know what to look for.”

Given the fact that Angelina Jolie’s name was one of the ones dragged through the mud in recent events surrounding leaked emails from the Sony Corporation, her fear of the internet and people reaching out to her children is understandable.

Even though they are two of the most recognizable stars in history, Brad and Angelina have done a good job of keeping their kids out of the spotlight but, as they grow older, it will be more difficult for the parent’s to control the access to their children.

Most recently three of the rarely seen children were front and center on the red carpet for an Unbroken première where Brad, Maddox, Pax and Shiloh all stepped up to represent Angelina Jolie while she was home sick with the chickenpox.

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