Anne Hathaway Discusses Overcoming Bullies

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Actress Anne Hathaway, 31, has had her ups and downs in Hollywood but it all seemed like positives for the star after scoring leading roles in hit movie after hit movie such as The Devil Wears Prada, The Dark Knight Rises and Les Miserables.

However after one dramatic awards season, people seemed to turn on Hathaway, coining themselves as “Hathahaters”, which the star accidentally found when on Google one day.

Hathaway opened up about the cyber bullying to Harper’s Bazaar magazine for their November issue and most recently discussed it in an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

She admitted that the reason the negativity affected her so much was because, “I hadn’t learned to love myself yet.”

In her interview with the magazine she also stated how her acting career started to fall apart with directors worried about fan reception.

However, now promoting her newest film, Interstellar, that is now in theatres she seems to have her life back on track.

“It’s been a really cool journey. I feel like I arrived in a place where, maybe not every minute of every day, but way more than I used to, I have a tremendous amount of love and compassion for everyone else, and the best of all I have it for myself, which I never enjoyed before,” Hathaway told Ellen about finding her way back.

She also revealed she got some great advice from Interstellar co-star Matthew McConaughey, “I just took a step back, and as [he] would say, ‘I just kept living…'”

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