Ariana Grande Looks Amazing After Ditching Her Signature Style

Joe Seer /

Ariana Grande is famous for her half-up, half-down hair look, but she tried out something new in London this week — and we have to say that it’s working!

The 21 year-old singer was spotted in England this week on a promotional tour for her new album My Everything, trying out a glamorous blowout.

She’s still technically rocking the half-up, half-down look, but she’s ditched the high ponytail and her caramel-colored tresses are more sleek this time around. She also wore a large fur jacket over a lacy black crop and tight black jeans — a big fall statement! Check out the video to see her more grown-up new look. What do you think?

Ariana, who’s skyrocketed to fame this year on the success of her singles “Problem” and “Break Free,” is also known for wearing black cat-ear headbands.  Perhaps stylists have suggested that she needs to try a more mature style?

Either way, we’ll see more cat ears from Ariana because she recently shared photos from the set of her upcoming music video for “Love Me Harder” — and the feline headband definitely made an appearance.

“I tend to keep it very classic,” Ariana said about her style back in 2013. “I like very girly, retro inspired, feminine floral things. I’m not very edgy.”


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