Avril Lavigne And Chad Kroeger To Divorce After One Year Of Marriage?

s_bukley /

The relationship forecast is rolling in, and it looks as if there is trouble on the Canadian horizon.

Rumors are flying throughout Tinseltown: Chad Kroeger and Avril Lavigne are planning to divorce after one year of marriage.

The couple married in July of 2013, and it was just two months ago that Avril was showing off her one year anniversary ring via social media, but we can easily chalk that up to maintaining appearances. Maybe the couple was happy then and something happened within the past 60 days. At this point, details are vague. Maybe before any paperwork is pushed across the desk of a legal official, these two will realize they were a match made in Bad Music Heaven.

It does leave one to wonder. Was it the age difference? The fact that Avril is 29, and she’s already been around the block several times? The fact that Chad’s goatee is the worst thing ever? Still, this guy has managed to look younger as he’s gotten older. Maybe that’s it…Avril is pushing 30, and he’s looking for someone in the 24-27 age range. Or maybe it’s all a ploy to gain a little publicity for Nickelback’s latest release, which came out a week ago. Who knows?

Honestly, this could be the paradigm shift for both of these artists. Avril should give up music and focus on acting. It seems her true talents lie in that realm vs. strumming open pop chords on an electric guitar. And Chad? We can all agree that he should take up horticulture or something other than writing and performing music.


James Sheldon