Bachelor 2020 Spoilers: A Contestant Returns To Confront Peter After Elimination

ABC/Ed Herrera

ABC/Ed Herrera

Almost every Bachelor or Bachelorette season that passes is promoted as the “most dramatic ever” but it seems that it might really be true for Peter Weber’s upcoming season 24 of The Bachelor.

Although the season doesn’t premiere until January, 2020, the spoilers and stories have already been making headlines as it appears Peter might be dealing with the most dramatic contestants ever.

Thanks to ultimate Bachelor Nation spoiler king Reality Steve, it has been revealed that Peter had to cancel a group date after Hannah Brown showed up and brought up his emotions from their split, and now he has revealed that one contestant who doesn’t make it past the third rose ceremony doesn’t go so quietly.

WARNING: Bachelor 2020 spoilers ahead!

According to Reality Steve, Miss Texas 2019 Alayah Benavidez, is eliminated by Peter in the third rose ceremony, and did not handle the break-up so well. Reality Steve has revealed that Alayah returns for the rose ceremony in Ohio to confront Peter as well as one of the women she felt talked badly about her to him.

“Alayah came back to confront Peter regarding Victoria P. and how Victoria P. lied to him about her. Stuff went down, but ultimately this is Peter sending Alayah home before the rose ceremony,” Reality Steve tweeted.

Reality Steve will have many more spoilers leading up to the premiere of the season! Fans will have to wait quite awhile to find out the winner however! Season 24 of The Bachelor premieres Monday, Jan. 6, at 8 p.m. ET on ABC


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