Bachelor Juan Pablo: Did He Go All The Way With Clare?

Helga Esteb /

The Bachelor is getting steamy.

In the most recent episode, contestant Clare snuck out at 4 a.m. for a rendezvous with Juan Pablo.

We know the two got a little freaky in the ocean, though it’s not totally clear if they had sex. Later in the episode, though, Clare made a toast to “finding love, being loved and making love,” causing us to think that they went all the way. Check out the video to see the steamy footage!

Juan Pablo’s instant regret also makes it seem like boundaries were crossed. “Maybe I made a mistake the other night,” he said. “I don’t want to regret something.” Then he pulled Clare aside and told her that he was embarrassed because of his four year-old daughter and the kind of example he was setting.

Bloggers were quick to attack Juan Pablo for his classic sexist double-standards. He didn’t seem to have reservations when they were having fun in the waves! Do you think it’s fair that he took part in these activities and then judged Clare for it afterward?

One writer suggested that maybe the events will make Clare the perfect candidate for the next Bachelorette. That might make this heartache worth it!

Check out the video to see all of the steamy details of Juan Pablo’s rendezvous with Clare:


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