‘Bachelor’ Juan Pablo Responds to Haters!

Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.comTons of fans of The Bachelor attacked Juan Pablo on Twitter and the blogosphere — and now he’s fighting back.

Juan Pablo, who ended the season by choosing Nikki and getting told off by a scorned Clare, says that he wasn’t thrilled about how things ended, either. Check out the video to see his response, printed in People Magazine.

Juan Pablo is also firing back at critics who didn’t like that he refused to propose to Nikki or even say that he loved her. (“I like you a lot,” he infamously said.)

The pair has shared photos of them hanging out in real life — and we have to admit that they look pretty happy. There’s even a video of Juan Pablo lip synching to a song about roses.

Are Nikki and Juan Pablo meant to last, or is this just publicity nonsense from the show’s producers?

Host Chris Harrison also wrote a post-show reaction on his blog, after a tense moment in the finale when Juan Pablo wouldn’t let him speak. “For some reason I feel that there is some notion that I dislike him, and that’s just not the truth,” Chris explained.

Still, he admitted that this was the most controversial season of The Bachelor ever, and that “from the beginning something just didn’t seem right and something didn’t fit.”


Amanda Young