Bachelor Nation’s Chase McNary Slams MTV After Appearing On ‘The Challenge’ And ‘Ex On The Beach’



Bachelor Nation’s Chase McNary is opening up about his time on reality TV outside of ABC, and clearly is regretting the decision he made when he went over to MTV.

McNary, who competed on JoJo Fletcher’s season of The Bachelorette, went on to appear on MTV’s Ex on the Beach and The Challenge, and slammed the network for how its reality shows are produced.

“I went over to MTV. … It was definitely something I learned from and if I went back, I probably wouldn’t do it again,” he told Us Weekly. “And I’ve been pretty vocal and outspoken of advising other people not to do that.”

The 30-year-old admitted that he agreed to take part in MTV shows because of the money, but said the network had a “different feel” and “different following.”

“It didn’t represent who I was as a person,” he continued. “And it crushed me for a while, so it feels good to get back with ABC and have a little touch back into Paradise and to show the world who I really am and not let MTV, kind of, define me. … New network, new following, new, new, new. I’ll be the first. Kind of the pioneer to cross that bridge and it didn’t pay of.”

After pretty disastrous results on the two MTV shows, McNary came back to ABC when he appeared on season six of Bachelor in Paradise, and despite a romance with Angela Amezcua, he left Mexico single.

“I think I learned from Blake’s mistakes,” he said of the issues that arise when dating within Bachelor Nation but on and off the shows.“But I actually knew early on that messing with Bachelor Nation is kind of a messy pool to play in, so I’ve always kind of been conscious of that. So right now, I don’t know if Bachelor Nation is the pool I’m pulling from.”

“I’m just focusing on my bar and restaurant in Denver. We’re working on our second one in Austin, Texas, so hopefully we get that opened up before 2020 starts,” he added “And also working on my nutrition line.”

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