Best and Worst Celeb Instagram Photos of 2013!

Jaguar PS / Shutterstock.comInstagram.

I hear that “word” and shudder. Much like Twitter before people were actually “tweeting,” Instagram was a stellar app until it became the tool for developing tabloid fodder. That said, 2013 offered more than its fair share of Instagram madness from the celebrity world, including some jaw-dropping, eye-popping, WTF, really!?

(I’m curious if there is a setting on Instagram which allows you to take a picture with your brain turned on or off?)

A few highlights from 2013 include those divisive individuals who you would only expect. Let’s consider Justin Bieber, and his half-moon which was whimsically posted, and quickly removed… but we know how the Internet works, don’t we? That was a definite Insta-fail for the Biebs.

And how about Beyonce, and her posting of the pixie cut? You couldn’t escape that thing. It. Was. Everywhere. And who knew the magical pixie was working quietly on a secret album? It all makes perfect sense now.

There were a variety of others, both absurd and sincere, that became as viral as a flu epidemic in a kindergarten classroom. Team Kardashian offering the first Instaglimpse at baby, North? How appreciative are we to be included in that child’s life? It’s almost as if she doesn’t stand a chance to be normal. And speaking of abnormalities, James Franco and Seth Rogen laying satire to Kanye and Kim’s Bound 2? Kudos.

Of course, where there’s Instagram, there’s plenty of T&A. You couldn’t be the last two ladies on this list, and not offer a little something that suggests, “See! This is how good I look!” If you want those goods, you’ll have to check out the video!


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