‘Big Bang Theory’ Stars Score Their Mega Pay Day

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It’s amazing what a network will do, to ensure people keep tuning in, and corporations keep buying advertising time. The three stars of the CBS hit comedy, The Big Bang Theory, have scored a serious pay increase.

Sometimes you have to wonder: How many nerd jokes can there be, and how can they keep being funny? CBS keeps banking on the geek humor, and Kaley Cuoco’s cuteness. It has helped the network continue in its trend of raking in the flow, hand over fist. Meanwhile, NBC continues living hand to mouth.

Johnny Galecki, Jim Parsons and Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting… they all realize this. And they know that if one of the three were to leave the show, it would kill the show’s chemistry. It seemed clear that the three subscribed to a bond of solidarity in order to get the deal they wanted. And they most certainly got the deal they wanted!

Three more seasons at a whopping million dollar payout per episode. Yep. CBS is paying big for the brand it has created.

Let’s break it down into WTF terms: One million dollars per episode, equates roughly to one million dollars for a week’s work. But ultimately, it’s 22 minutes of screen time, maximum, per episode. If you were in every scene of every episode, it would be 22 minutes of time that you’re within scenes. And the likelihood of being in every scene of every episode? Never gonna happen. Sure, we may see the writers digging into more seven person scenes after this monster pay increase for the big three, but dang, Big Bang, that is some sweet cash.

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