Bill Cosby Is Getting a New Sitcom!

lev radin /

Do you miss The Cosby Show? Fear not — Bill Cosby is coming back to the small screen!

NBC has made a deal with the 76 year-old comedian to come back for a new sitcom where he’ll once again play the patriarch of a family.

It’s understandable why the network, which has struggled to get big ratings for its comedies lately, would want to re-create the magic of Cosby’s earlier work. A massive hit for NBC, The Cosby Show aired from 1985-1992, spanning eight seasons and winning multiple Emmy and Golden Globe Awards.

Cosby has also been in the spotlight for his recent Comedy Central stand-up special, his first in 30 years.

Still, the landscape of TV was much different back when The Cosby Show aired — there was no internet, no Hulu, no Netflix, no hundreds of cable channels or the ability to watch TV on handheld devices.

Plus, NBC has tried to bring back older successful TV stars such as Michael J. Fox and Sean Hayes, without much luck. (ABC has tried the same strategy with Tim Allen on Last Man Standing; we’ll have to see if that show remains on the air.)

Check out the video to see more about what Cosby’s new show will be like, and what he says about the “party attitude.”


Amanda Young