Bill Cosby Sparks Controvery With ‘Black Media’ Comment

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Bill Cosby is in a world of hurt. He feels that the allegations against him in the realm of criminal, sexual misconduct are unfounded. He believes the burden of the proof lies on the accuser. He believes that the “white media” isn’t giving him a fair shake. He expects only the “black media” to be good journalists.

When you’re down and out, regardless of the color of your skin… play the race card. It works every time. People will quiet down publicly, and they’ll tiptoe around the topic which demands political correctness. But, let’s see what happens with Bill’s suggestion that he should only expect support from the black journalists.

Yeah. This one is gonna backfire. Bill’s statement amounts to him taking a virtual shovel, and digging deeper and deeper to create a grave of dishonor where he can rest comfortably in obscurity during the twilight of his life.

Is that the unfair treatment Bill is talking about? In the next breath it’s easy to state that some of these women’s testimonies are quite shady. And Gloria Alred has become a sideshow in and of herself. She doesn’t lend a strong voice to these alleged victims, rather the picture of a gold digging party. Still, that doesn’t make them any less true. Or… they could be total crap.

Is that fair?

Maybe Bill should have remained quiet–or as vocal as he wanted–during this process, but choosing to isolate ones self based on race? It’s foolish. If he believes in the process, then he should trust the process, and go about living his life, offering his side of the story, or simply understand that some people believe the allegations, and some people don’t.

To hear more of a recent interview offered by Bill, check out the video below.


James Sheldon