Bruce Jenner Gets Pink Manicure For His Bday

Photo by Rob Latour/REX

Photo by Rob Latour/REX

Oh. This is a doozy. What is going on in the mind of Bruce Jenner. His personal pampering session on his birthday suggests a lot.

Let’s start with the source. The Daily Mail. The end-all, be-all of facts in reporting. No assumptions, only the occasional presumption and photos… lots and lots of photos. OK. One of those statements is true. Care to guess?

Our fellow web publication launched a story suggesting Bruce enjoyed a bright pink manicure, while cruising around on his birthday to be pampered, and play a little golf.

No. Bruce did not get a hot pink mani. Yes, there was someone else in his vehicle sparking a ciggy for Bruce, and whoever she was, she had the hot-pink nails. If Bruce had the hot-pink nails–WAIT!? OMG! That’s not another person! That’s Bruce’s ponytail! He really did get a hot-pink manicure. WTF!? (That’s my best TMZ impersonation.)

OK, enough of that.

Combining the ungodly amounts of cosmetic surgery he’s endured over the past few years, the ponytail and the nails, there might be some other questions we’d have about Bruce. As it stands, we’ll just chalk it up to him going through his Steven Seagal phase. And hey… we’ve all been there.

The one interesting fact that is pointed out, and that the paparazzi realized: Bruce Jenner is wearing his wedding band. He and Kris may have parted ways, simply based on two very disparate life desires, but there’s no arguing there’s still a little mojo in the mix. And who knows, maybe the entire divorce thing was a sham for ratings, and so Bruce could get out of his KUWTK contract. You can’t dismiss any possibility these days.

Or maybe Bruce wants to dress like a female golfer as he lives out his golden years. If you want to see the captured evidence, check out the video below!


James Sheldon