Bruce Lee’s Famed Yellow Jumpsuit Up for Auction

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Yes. Yes. Yes! A thousand times yes! Let us all in on this action.

There are few things as exciting as an auction, even when you’re bidding on what some might consider crap. Add to the excitement of an auction the potential of scoring something boasting an iconic nature, and it’s enough to make your palms sweat and your heart palpitate.

A private Hollywood memorabilia collector has offered up for auction one of the most iconic costumes in the history of cinema: Bruce Lee’s yellow jumpsuit from the martial arts cinematic foray entitled, Game of Death. Yes! That yellow  jumpsuit with the black stripes. The very same costume that went on to inspire various fashion trends, and the “look” of contemporary martial arts films, as well as the famous costume worn by Uma Thurman in Kill Bill, Volumes I and II.

Forgive the excitement of this auction, memorabilia and martial arts nerd. This may be a stretch for some of you. That stated, do yourself a favor and go to an auction if you’ve never been to one. If you love to shop, and love unique finds, it’s pretty much guaranteed that you’ll find yourself in a bidding war before you leave the premise–that you’ll spend more money than you imagined, after which you’ll stare down your competitive foes with a mutual respect, and a nod of acknowledgement.

So, how much does the Hong Kong auction house think this jumper will go for? Approximately 300,000 HKD (Hong Kong Dollars). A rough exchange, considering the fluctuating rates, will get you into that bidding war for just under $40,000 USD.

If you’re hoping to wear it, well, Bruce wasn’t a very big guy, standing at 5’7″. That said, you could probably offer it to a lady friend and live out two fantasies at once.

Check out all the details of the auction in the video below:


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