Celebrities Slam ‘American Sniper’

Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com

A few people took to social media to criticize Clint Eastwood’s American Sniper, after its incredibly successful opening weekend. Two outspoken guys who are both under the impression that they’re a lot smarter than they actually are–Seth Rogen and Michael Moore–took to tweeting about the film.

Seth Rogen basically referred to the film as propaganda, and Michael Moore went a little further, sharing a personal experience of an uncle being killed in WWII by a sniper. According to Moore, he was taught that snipers were cowards who will shoot you in the back.

Great for Michael Moore. He’s educated us even further about war, and military tactics from his wealth of experience in no combat zone ever.

Moore came back later to suggest he wasn’t talking about American Sniper. Perhaps the film jogged his memory. He went on to compliment Bradley Cooper, and ultimately suggest that Clint Eastwood had confused the wars in Vietnam and the military campaigns following 9/11, though I’d argue that Michael himself is confused, because his issue was really only the war in Iraq, or so we were told in Fahrenheit 9/11.

Ultimately, I wonder if either guy actually saw the film. Because I don’t buy the propaganda slant, and I certainly don’t buy the glorification slant. If either Moore or Rogen would have commented on some element of the film that was actually displayed on the screen, it might be a more valid complaint.

Either way, we should probably listen to them based on their contributions to society. Michael Moore makes his own propaganda films, and calls them documentaries, and Seth Rogen is friends with James Franco.

Wanna hear what they guys had to say, verbatim? Check out the video below:


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