Charlie Sheen to Wed Girlfriend Brett Rossi!

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It’s a little mind boggling that we still care about Charlie Sheen. Is it the train wreck factor? The unpredictability? The fact he could have had a legacy as Hollywood royalty, but snorted way too many of the spoils up his nose?

Whatever the case, Charlie has made headlines again with a proposal to former pornographic actress, Brett Rossi. You might know Brett from classics such as: Revenge of The Petites, Kittens & Cougars 5, The Yoga Instructor and the not-to-be-missed, Nice Shoes…Wanna F***?

I mean, seriously… who doesn’t? Charlie Sheen certainly does. So much so, that he thought to make it legit. And this will be Charlie’s fourth marriage.

According to Ms. Rossi, the two had a beautiful Valentine’s Day weekend, and during the magical moments spent in Hawaii, Charlie dropped to one knee and… proposed to his soon-to-be blushing bride. (Do porn stars still blush? Are they capable of doing so?) What does one say to this? “Congratulations?” “Best wishes?” “I’m thrilled for your happiness?” Who knows?

Maybe Charlie experienced a catharsis over the past few years, following the debacles of his marriage to Brooke Mueller, and the ugly departure from CBS and Two And A Half Men. Maybe this is a new beginning for both parties. I always liked Charlie as a young guy. So much potential. For a short time, he held the entertainment world in his hands–a stark contrast to what his lady-love often held in hers.

Regardless of the here and now, at least Charlie has learned a few life lessons from his past. He’ll definitely be getting a prenuptial agreement before he enters into marriage number four.

If you want more details on the couple’s engagement, have a look at the video below.

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