Charlize Theron Demanding Tia Mowry Be Banned From SoulCycle

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When you first heard about the exchange between Charlize Theron and Tia Mowry at a Los Angeles area SoulCycle, you thought it had to be a joke, right? It’s now an all-out feud.

Hearing this story, it really seemed like it was one of those made-up things… like, in real life, Charlize and Tia are friends, and they met at SoulCycle, and they thought, “Hey, let’s make up a feud, and laugh at the tabloid media as they get in a tizzy because of it.” That’s what we were hoping, right? Because Charlize has always seemed so sweet in interviews.

Instead, it seems Charlize has spent way too much time with Sean Penn. Sean is exceptionally talented, and exceptionally compassionate, but he’s a certified butthead. This dude struts with more entitlement than few others. And it seems that “I’m more important than I really am” attitude has rubbed off on the lovely Charlize.

Tia Mowry is standing by her story: She approached Charlize at a SoulCycle spin class, and said hello to introduce herself. According to Tia, Charlize rolled her eyes, and made a very rude comment.

Sure, if Tia went to the tabloids about the incident, then we can say the whole thing is childish; however, why hasn’t Charlize considered that someone else took the story public after asking Tia, “What did she say to you?”

Now, Charlize has asked the management at SoulCycle to boot Tia from membership. And this is where things get ugly. The comments from Charlize sound almost unbelievable–disgustingly entitled, and definitively rude–so out of character. Or maybe this is the real Charlize. All it took was a twin from Sister, Sister to draw out the venom.

Wanna see what Charlize said? Check out the video below.


James Sheldon