‘Chelsea Lately’: Khloe Kardashian Takes on Tabloid Rumors

s_bukley / Shutterstock.comKhloe Kardashian slipped into the hosting duties for Chelsea Handler last night on Chelsea Lately, and wasted no time in addressing a few tabloid rumors.

It is with great disappointment that I must admit: Khloe did a stellar job sitting in for Chelsea. Yes, we all know that Khloe is the most well-spoken of the Kardashian klan–she probably has the best grasp on who she is, and how annoyed we all are with her family’s self-made empire… but she’s also smart enough to keep milking the cash cow, while saying yes to new opportunities. It seems her agent is doing a stellar job.

As the guest host of Chelsea Lately, Khloe took the opportunity to put on a wry grin, and swing back at the tabloid fodder that often places her in multiple locations at once. She even addressed the rumor that she is pregnant, and carrying the children of three different men. Kudos to the writers at Chelsea Lately, because they gave her some excellent punchlines to deliver. Still, I have to humbly offer props to a girl I have hated on aplenty, and state that her delivery was well rehearsed, full of candor and quite funny. Nice job, Khloe!

The best of the best? She finally addressed the O.J. Simpson rumors that have been swirling for years, and she swung at this one with the bases loaded. Instead of simply denying such a rumor, Khloe and the writers offered a little twist. You’ll definitely want to hear what she had to say, so check out the video below!


James Sheldon