Chris Harrison Addresses ‘Bachelor’ Star Peter Weber “Misleading” Contestants Criticism

Chris Harrison recently opened up about the misleading actions Bachelor Peter Weber has made throughout his season that may have left his love interests confused.

Throughout Weber’s pursuit to find love, viewers have seen the 28-year-old make bold declarations about the women that might have given off the wrong impression. For example, earlier in his season, Weber told contestant Sydney Hightower that she was the “best kisser” before eliminating her from the show.

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“I can see how it would be misleading to the women,” the Bachelor franchise host told Entertainment Tonight. “When a guy looks you in the eye and says, ‘You’re perfect, you don’t have anything to worry about, I love you, I want to spend the rest of my life with you, there’s nothing wrong with you, you’re the most perfect human being. You’re a unicorn’… I can see where that would be misleading!”

However, Harrison defended Weber’s actions. “I really, truly know that he felt that and believed it in the moment,” he said. “And as a hard time as we gave Ben Higgins for saying ‘I love you’ to two women, that really pales in comparison to what Peter says.”

Weber’s behavior on the reality dating series has drawn criticism from many fans. Last month, The Bachelor star addressed the negative reactions last month.

“I’m definitely getting some tough skin now. … I understand that there’s a lot of drama right now and things are kind of crazy,” he told E! News in February, adding, “It’s too bad a lot of the criticism and a lot of hate that’s kind of been kind of coming out.”

The pilot continued, “I just think there’s no place for that and there’s too much of that right now, and I wish that people could more focus on spreading love and just more positivity and not so much negative stuff because again … we’re all human, and I know there’s a lot of opinions about a lot of the women on the show, a lot of opinions about me. You know, we’re just doing our best, and we sign up for this type of experience and you hope for the best.

In January, Weber spoke to Us Weekly about what he has discovered about himself throughout The Bachelor journey.

“I would say I learned that I’m a lot stronger than I thought I was because I go through a lot and I’m put through a lot and I come out the end,” he said at the time. “I feel like I’m a better man at the end of this. I’m more resilient. I feel like I’m a lot better communicator now, and that’s huge in a relationship.”

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