Chris Pratt And Chris Evans Make A Super Bowl Bet For Charity

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There is yet again another celebrity Twitter feud arising but this time it’s all in good fun and, in the end, will be for the greater good as either way a charity will benefit. Of course the greater good is what is expected of Marvel superheroes Star-Lord and Captain America.

Actors Chris Evans and Chris Pratt are now widely known as their superhero alter egos and they are using that in a friendly bet surrounding the Super Bowl.

Like most feuds these days it all began on social media when New England Patriots fan Evans took to his Twitter on Monday January 19, a day after the Patriots’ AFC Championship win sending them to the Super Bowl against the Seattle Seahawks writing, “Well, well, well @prattprattpratt, looks like our teams are going into battle. For the next 2 weeks, you are not my friend, you are my enemy.”

Pratt of course responded, “@ChrisEvans We both know there’s only one Captain America and his name is Russell Wilson. #SuperBowlBound #LOB #Repeat.”

The friendly banter continued on to stakes when Pratt suggested that if the Seahawks win Evans has to show up to the Seattle Children’s Hospital dressed as Captain America, waving a Seahawks’ 12th Man flag.

Evans gladly accepted and retaliated, revealing his terms are that, if his team wins, his nemesis has to arrive dressed as Star-Lord and wearing a Tom Brady jersey at Christopher’s Haven, a Boston charity that provides housing for families of child cancer patients.

Christopher’s Haven has been keeping everyone up to date with the rivalry through their Twitter while a spokesperson for Seattle’s Children Hospital stated, “Thank you to both our superheroes, Chris Pratt and Chris Evans, for turning this sports rivalry into an opportunity to help kids. While we will be rooting for the Seattle Seahawks on Super Bowl Sunday, we are thrilled that kids will get a visit from a superhero, no matter the outcome! Seattle Children’s is grateful whenever special visitors take the time to surprise our patients and families. Visits like these spread joy throughout the hospital and can help brighten their stay. Captain America and Star Lord are welcome at Seattle Children’s anytime. Go Hawks!”

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