Chris Soules Addresses ‘The Bachelor’ Pregnancy Test

Credit: ABC

Credit: ABC

Did you watch the season premiere of The Bachelor? Woo. This show is so awful it’s great. It is mind-boggling that it has enjoyed the success it has, but at the same time, there’s nothing more enjoyable than living vicariously through a story line when you don’t have to face consequences or repercussions.

Enter the female suitors.

Some interesting dames in the mix. Including one gal who got hammered when the alcohol began to flow. She worked herself to the the point of public embarrassment. Surprisingly, Bachelor Chris Soules, didn’t dismiss her on the opening episode. He kicked someone else to the curb.

And what about that epic tease–someone finding a pregnancy test in a waste basket? The camera crew scored some excellent footage of that little piece of mystique. But who does it belong to? Nancy O’Dell sat down with Chris and asked him the same question. He was as tight-lipped as the bachelors of the past. Gotta remain under those contractual, non-disclosure guidelines. Who knows? It could belong to one of the women on the crew? Whatever the case, Chris said it definitely didn’t have anything to do with him.

Oh, it promises to be another season of “the same, but different” for The Bachelor. Chris even let Nancy know that he did find love in the mix. How long said love will last… eh? Only time will tell. But what an odd story to tell his kids someday… presuming they don’t find the footage before he’s told them.

One thing on which we can rest assured: The bachelor kisses everyone.

To see some highlights, as well as some of Nancy’s interview with Chris, check out the video below!


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