Did Mariah Carey Blast Nick Cannon In Her Lyrics?

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When Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey first separated no one could tell if it was for real or not. Now that it has been confirmed they are no longer together however, the drama is turning up in full force.

Many people speculated the separation had to do with Nick cheating on Mariah, possibly with Amber Rose, who is currently going through a divorce with Wiz Khalifa.

While he has denied those reports, in a recent concert it seems Mariah believes he did cheat.

While singing the Billie Holiday song, “Don’t Explain”, on the opening  night of her tour in Tokyo, it seems Mariah changed the lyrics to fit her own life. The song is supposed to say “And I know you cheat. Right or wrong, don’t matter.” However, in her performance she seems to sing, “And I know you cheated, mother(expletive).”

If that is indeed what Mariah changed the lyrics to, then it is the first time she has reacted to the cheating comments since reports that the couple are definitely divorcing, even though they haven’t officially announced it.

While Mariah is changing lyrics, Nick has been changing his “Mariah” tattoo and has recently been showing off the massive cover-up on his back, making a statement about their split himself.

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