‘Duck Dynasty’ Christmas Special: Hilarious Wild Hog Hunting!

Ah, the old boys from West Monroe, Louisiana were at it again for a 2013 Christmas Special.

The family of Duck Commander, offered up another episode of Duck Dynasty, perfect for the holidays. Why was it perfect for the holidays, you ask? Because nothing goes with Christmas like a traditional Christmas ham. And in order to have ham, you need a pig. And when you’re in the south, where feral hogs have become an epidemic, and you live around a fella with the last name “Robertson,” there’s only one logical way to score that holiday ham: Via rifle shot.

On this particular misadventure, the producers decided to doll-up Miss Kay (Phil Robertson’s wife), and Jessica (Phil’s daughter-in-law), before sending them on a hog hunt with the familial patriarch. This easily equates to a comedy of errors. Yes, we’re all aware that reality TV is as scripted as it comes regarding “what is happening” from episode to episode; however, the candid, impromptu one-liners offered by Phil Robertson on an episodic basis are reason enough to tune in every week.

The only thing I can think of more entertaining than Duck Dynasty, are the critics of the show. They have long lists of complaints and concerns: from the family’s play on stereotypical gender roles to the fact that the family prays to a God they can’t see before every meal at the close of every episode. All that stuff is annoying to a small slice of the American pie, who are unable to grasp subculture, and who are afraid to go experience it for themselves.

For the rest of us, let’s have another episode! It makes us happy, happy, happy!

Enjoy some highlights of the Duck Dynasty Christmas Special below.


James Sheldon